SNES Longplay [315] The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past (a)

Played by: Tsunao

I originally wasn’t going to give this (it was for my channel only), but ScHlAuChi demanded it since I used Bizhawk, which has a really accurate SNES core at the cost of speed versus snes9x, which the first ALttP video was done with (assuming.)

Back to shenanigans…

Adventure-y game by Nintendo.

Follow Zelda as he rescues a girl, gets some necklaces, gets a pretty sword, and gets some blue diamond-shaped rocks.

Plays like all the other Zelda games: travel around, go in a dungeon, do junk, go to next dungeon. Said to be one of top Zelda games.

This longplay takes 100% literally: there’s lots of dicking around. =P I play minigames, visit shops, get upgrades maxed, get all Hearts Pieces, find the Golden Bee/Good Bee (unlike my GBA longplay. =X), visit all rooms in a dungeon, go to areas that are irrelevant (area south of East Palace/Level1), uncover hidden passages, and listen to some hints. Result on Woods chest game was luck! I would’ve settled for the 1 Rupee prize. =P Sadly, there’s no Chris-whatev’ room because I totally forgot about it. Sowwy. =X

VERY little savestate spam. Hell, no savestate spam on Lamalos-Ice Rod shenanigans. There was a usage of state of save on Tower of Hera (I got a game over…FOR ONCE!) and in a few of the later dungeons (some was in Ice Palace, but it was a path-related thing. The dungeon isn’t all that hard to get through.)

Save and quit was spammed, so no 000 game. =/

33 Replies to “SNES Longplay [315] The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past (a)”

  1. Kash On Demand

    I just beat it and im very proud because I gave up on it as a child lol . wen i gave up was once i could transform into the dark world i didnt kno back then that he could still be link in the dark world . i would still be the rabbit and he couldn't do shyt so i just gave up . and the only special weapon i would have was the master sword and I remeber it so fondly because i would love the master sword ability and finding it was very epic back then ^_^ and btw i just turned 31 dec 12th and this came out round 91 92 and i finally just beat it thanks to strategy guides and never giving up hope on a old masterpiece . im very proud rite now 🙂

  2. Jason Juneau

    You're the only other person who beats the boss of The Palace of Darkness like me. Even when watching speed runs they always use the hammer to defeat him. They never use bombs and arrows.

  3. Ed Scherrer

    Some of these bosses were so satisfying to fight — to hit with arrows, ice, fire etc. the noises the bosses made when hit or destroyed, the intense music, and the way the game slowed down when the screen was overloaded with action — your SNES controller almost slipping out of your sweaty hands — good times as Link in Hyrule.

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