45 Replies to “SNES Longplay [230] Killer Instinct”

  1. OrangeAsp

    When you first put this game in after buying it, you didn't hit start right away, cause the theme music was that badass. You hovered over it for a while like this guy did and were just like.."Whoah…"

  2. Brian J.

    3:25 Spinal
    "An unprecedented discovery in cell regeneration. Ultratech
    has recreated an ancient warrior from the past. Having no
    memory and lacking in purpose, he fights regardless."

  3. OLDschool gamer

    ya the old are the awesome oldschool gaming I still have one but I don't play while my brother at work I wait till he get back and me and him play the snes the frist one we frist own back in 1991 we play it went are dad use to tell us to water the horse and back to gaming

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