SNES Longplay [212] Top Gear 2


Played By MadMatty

SNES Version of Top gear 2. Longplayed to compare with Genesis version (and unrecorded Amiga version)

Which was the best verson, SNES or Genesis? Come to our Forums and discuss.

First off the game is too damned long!. 16 x 4 (64) races. Shouldnt be attempted in one sitting.

The Amiga version seems to be bases on this verson although it has a larger screen area at the cost of frame rate. The music is very Amiga like which sits well with me.

As a fan of the Lotus games, this game seems to be a backwards step concidering there both from Gremlin. The game engine is slow and the position of the camera makes it hard to see the road ahead.

The fuel guage seems errornous as there is no fuel to collect. (Maybe a time limit ? I never ran out of fuel).

Big issue with the game is the sound. The loud engine will give you a headache and its cuts into the low volume music. How the dev couldnt develop 7 channel tune and leave 1 channel for snd is mindblowing (as in wtf?)

Another let down in a racing game with a crappy end screen. I let the title music rn right through at the end of the video.

Australasia – 00:00
Britain – 15:15
Canada – 31:08
Egypt – 47:20
France – 01:01:00
Germany – 01:14:22
Greece – 01:27:50
India – 01:41:33
Ireland 01:53:50
Italy – 02:06:10
Japan – 02:18:22
Scandinavia – 02:29:43
South America – 02:41:28
Spain – 02:54:00
Switzerland 03:05:50
United States – 03:17:29

33 Replies to “SNES Longplay [212] Top Gear 2”

  1. Tiky Lee

    Para mi el mejor juego de carrera que jugue no habra otro igual tube una buana infancia gracias a estos juegos mis primos me lo regalaron casi no dormia jugando cuantos recuerdos quede fustrado un dia que se me daño mi cinta

  2. vankhorne

    When I was a kid (12 years old) I played this game to the death. My build order, from top off my head.

    1- 10k 5 gear Gearbox, it's the difference of not being taken over at normal speed.
    2- 5k Nitro + 4k Dry Tires
    3- Wet tires
    4- 80k Engine
    5- 30k Nitro
    6- Last Gearbox, abused the 270 Km/h trick.
    7- Front Armor
    8- Side Armor
    9- Rear Armor.

    I already had the 80k engine at the Toronto, Canada race at 00:39:55. The Abu Subul race at Egypt was hilarious, like about 3 laps on the 2nd place.

    Awesome game, so many memories.

  3. ritoox1

    no juego este juegazo desde hace aproximadamente 13 años y casi me emociono al escuchar la música del menú, fué algo muy lindo, a veces tarareaba la música y luego de todo este tiempo se me ocurre buscarlo, muy buen vídeo ;-;

  4. John Donovan

    This game was the foundation for my love of cars. I had 1000+ toy cars but racing them for real back when I was a kid on this game sparked it proper. I always had a yellow car, you know, the proper Ferrari colours 😉

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