SNES Longplay [178] Metal Warriors

Played by: xRavenXP

Longplay of game Metal Warriors, a game developed by LucasArts in 1995 for the Super NES and published by Konami.

The game’s story takes place in 2102. You controls Lt. Stone, a brave and skillful pilot of an elite squad of Metal Warriors, which are a kind of armor piloted. Your goal is to destroy the enemy forces of Dark Axis and the evil dictator Venkar, humans living wandering through space in search of habitable planets to conquer. Most of the time, you will fight for space within bases and planets where you must destroy the enemy without mercy.

The Metal Warriors are found for all phases and each has specific skills that may (or may not) help you complete your missions. The game does not show you a bar of life to control your Metal Warrior. This is defined by the color of it, which can be a bit cumbersome at first sight. The color of your armor is a shade of red and strong, as it degrades the shots, the color will darken to a shade of dark gray. As you receive damage, armor stops shooting, wrestling, to the point where she just moves, which requires care and observation. The game have the armors Nitro (main), Drache, Prometheus, Ballistic, Spider and Havoc. A difficult game but very original.

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  1. Jokarixxジョカリス

    Finally! I was looking for this game all over the internet. I played this when I was super young and I didn't remember the title but I did remember how cool it was. It amazed me when I can leave the robot and play as a weak human, that made it cool for me. Good thing I remembered one of the robot's name which is Havoc so I searched SNES Robot Havoc lol. And I had this for a result.

  2. A Boy

    Kinda want to cry due to the level of nostalgia this brings.. my mom taking me to Blockbuster as I rented this game for like the 5th time and took it home to play with my dad, even though he was no good..

  3. G C

    Have you guys ever played cybernator? In my opinion, it's better than this. Not saying this is in any way bad but yeah, it just isn't as good. I like how your mech handles in cybernator. How he even looks too.

  4. Just a Random Dude

    Hey you idiot, did you know Prometheus (Cannon mech) Has aerial mines and a fucking FLAMETHROWER? You probably didn't. This has to be THE WORST longplayer I've ever seen, this was painful to watch >.<

  5. blountman747

    Other than Mario this was the best game okay Killer Instinct maybe a few others but this was a game way ahead of its time on Super Nintendo and Lucas Films I hope you guys have a plan B Star Wars getting old as hell to Disney's destroying it what are you guys go to this game right here and make a movie out of this this would make an amazing franchise way better than Pacific Rim crap sorry if you're a fan of Pacific Rim I think they ruined it and they're not going to make a Gundam Wing so they can go to this this would be an awesome movie use the same damn sound effects to

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