SNES Longplay [157] X-Kaliber 2097

Played by: Tsunao

Some sidescroller game by some company called Fupac and Wind…whoever the hell they are.

-looks up on Wikipedia-
Something about economy and a sword. Iunno. I skipped the cutscenes. It sorta has a Highlander feel…or something. If Wikipedia is to be believed, the plot is diff’rent from the Japanese version.

Game is played on Normal with no skills involved. Never could beat this game without codes (well, more like never played the game.) Bosses are hard to take down (they block too much and spam attacks.) Deaths kept in because it is always fun to see deaths. I don’t like this game.

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  1. Zoes Dada

    Damn whoever came up with the premise to this game hit pretty damn close to the mark. All they left out was rampant sjw stupidity, the ruining of star wars and the Kardashians.

  2. Crimson Mask

    Attitudes have changed. In the 16bit era, these games were just as expensive as triple-A titles now, or moreso, but couldn't offer fifty+ hours of continuous, but relatively unchallenging gameplay, with the expectation of being discarded as soon as they're "beaten.". Instead, they packed pattern-recognition challenges into almost every moment, so that you'd get that amount of play by inching along, discovering all the routines. There weren't as many games in any given genre demanding our attention, though, so we could stick with that one game and play it over and over until, eventually, it seemed easy to go through the whole thing on one man. While less-skilled observers' jaws drop.

  3. Fred

    I didnt know this game was so popular. I used to play it when I was a kid and I thought it very difficult. But I finished it several times though. For me the most tough boss was that one who throws his hat on level 3. Good times on snes!

  4. johneygd

    Believe it or not,but i first tout that the music was ripped off from a mega dance album from 1994,but nope it just turns out to be played by the snes itself, you rarely hear such hogh quality instrumental music quality on the snes,this is mind blowing.

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