SNES Longplay [152] Super Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back

Played by: Tsunao

“A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…”, Part 2.

Another one of few(?) video games based on movies that was done right, especially a SNES game.

Re-telling or something of Episode V, where a farmer boy (who has a laser sword) travels on an ice planet, meets some critter, and learns magic. He then proceeds to fight some dude with a torso Lite-Brite (which may or may not have an ATM) who also has a laser sword (and he is totally not his father. TOTALLY NOT!) Elsewhere, the “some dude” from Episode IV flies a ship and gets frozen. The furry gets little screen time. Mode 7 is involved. The game is known for the ball-busting difficulty. While playing this game, I realized this game feels arcade-y.

Game is played on Brave (Normal). This game has some tweaks to gameplay here and there. Everyone has a special ability (Luke uses Force, Han uses Grenades, and Chewie has a Spin attack that sorta grants invincibility frames) and there is a double jump. Plasma, again, is spammed. I cheaped out on two bosses: the Carbon Freezing Generator thingy (had low health and it ISN’T an easy boss.) and Darth Vader (at least he isn’t a problem.). No cheats are involved. “Dashing” and attacking activates it or something (I did this all the time on Vader on a physical cart.) I stink at this game. Plasma shot against Vader was intentional. Spammed Freeze on Vader because I remember making Darth Vader pink once. :3

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  1. Torey White

    Spidey: Hey guys!!!!!!!! Have you seen an old movie, "Empire Strikes Back"?!
    War Machine: Jeez, Tony?! How old is this kid?!
    Spidey: Remember on that snow planet?! With the walking thingies?!
    Iron Man: Kid's got a plan.

    Me: Walking thingies???? OH!!!!! He's talking about the Imperial Walkers!!!! How to take down an Imperial Walker!!!!!!!

    My favorite part on Captain America: Civil War

  2. caomhan84

    One of my enduring memories of this game was Han's roll. I remember my friend and I played this around the time of the Clinton impeachment, and "Slick Willy" was a thing. Every time we made Han roll, my friend sung out "Slick Willyyyyyyy!", and it made us laugh. I have no idea why, but I remember that to this day.

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