26 Replies to “SNES Longplay [025] Mickey Mania: The Timeless Adventures of Mickey Mouse”

  1. JordyAgain

    The game looks absolutely stunning with gorgeous sprite work and very smooth animation. I love how the Steamboat Willie level slowly gains color and how each level mirrors the palettes used in their respective cartoons. It's a shame the gameplay doesn't match up. It's a frustrating game in which you get hit far too easily. Coupled with a steep difficulty curve it's hard to go back to this one.
    Graphics wise this game is one of the best Mickey games. Gameplay wise I prefer the Magical Quest trilogy.

  2. arcticridge

    4/10 game
    there are parts in the game where it's 100% impossible not to take damage, and other parts are impossible to complete if you mess up a puzzle, purely a trial and error chore.

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