48 Replies to “SNES Longplay [020] Super R-Type”

  1. ojideagu

    In the arcade all 3 surviving hero ships are destroyed by that blue shockwave at the end after they escape the enemy spaceship. Look up the Arcade version. The SNES seems to change it so 3 survive the blue shockwave.

  2. Doggycharly

    other than the lack of checkpoints, this game is seriously flawed and like other early shooters, there is way too much slowdown; this could have been a decent port of r-type 2 with new content but it Irem screwed up big time. stick to other early snes shooters like u.n. squadron or smash tv

  3. Jash Croft

    Man this game brings back all kinds of memories. Back when I was 10 years old (now 32) my brother passed away and my mom fell into a heavy depression, so we went to stay over at my grandma's place. I took my SNES and this game with me and I would play all day. I guess it's not the kind of game to bring any sort of emotional feelings, but for me it represented a way to just hold on while everything was so chaotic

  4. KANE RedMonster

    I was actually thinking of getting this game myself for my snes as I am a big fan of the R-TYPE games, but after watching this game play I'm not to sure now whether to get it or not cause I noticed in this game play when quite a few enemies appear on the screen the game slows down considerably and becomes quite frame rated which is a shame really.

  5. Jas Patrick

    Ahh, this music! Love it! For once, this was a game I had as clocked as the World of Longplays–I LIVED on this game back in the day! My favorite side scrolling shooter of all time, definitely! Nice play!

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