SNES Games Coming to Nintendo Switch Online?! + More Classic Consoles on the Way? – DISCUSSION

Thanks to a recent data mine, it seems Super Nintendo games might be coming to the Nintendo Switch Online service! In addition, hints of future console emulators were found as well! We discuss all the news including our thoughts on the SNES games, and what other Classic consoles might supported in the future, such as Nintendo 64 or GameBoy? All this and more in this discussion!


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43 Replies to “SNES Games Coming to Nintendo Switch Online?! + More Classic Consoles on the Way? – DISCUSSION”

  1. Pixie Panda Plush

    Mother 2 became Earthbound, so Mother 1 became Earthbound Origin. Mother 3 would therefore be Earthbound 2. Easy to solve.

    But what about Final Fantasy?
    FF was released as FF, then FF4 was released as FF2 and FF6 was released as FF3. If they were to release FF2, FF3, FF5, what would those be called? Or should FF2 and FF3 be renamed to the proper FF4 and FF6?

  2. Sammy Lane

    Nintendo needs to just buy out every old school game company's game library that is still out there so we could get games that have not seen the light of day since the NES/SNES and maybe even some that never came to home consoles.

  3. freaker126

    obviously, nintendo are doing this by stages. and, the more the online subscriptions are coming in, the more they can add up. Or see, if it's successful enough to keep it going. right now, people are complaining about the service and nintendo need to up their ante to please their base. have to remember though, all these old games, people are already playing 1000s for free or pay via arcade console etc. although, not everyone into it.

  4. MacMak3355

    While I do agree that these must be coming out sooner rather than later, I don't think we are getting a January direct. First of all, we HAVEN'T always had a January direct. And also Nintendo has been revealing a lot of trailers and release dates lately. I hope I'm wrong though.

  5. Brammers45

    Thing is many third parties still monetize their SNES library, Final Fantasies can still be bought and same with Chrono Trigger and the Megaman Xgames, I doubt they'd let Nintendo given them away as part of a subscription when they could get retail sales. I think the difference why they were let on the SNES classic is that it was a collectors piece with a limited run, rather than something everyone can get access to like the switches online service.

  6. James Buckwas

    If they come, I'll buy it. Even though the Online Service has many other problems (no cloud saves for all games and still P2P), this was my biggest problem. Now I'm just hoping for N64, GB, etc.

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