SNES Classic Usb Mod Add More Storage SNES/NES Mini

In this video I show you how to add a USB drive to your SNES Classic Mini! “this also works with the NES classic edition”

Left Angle USB OTG:


Download Hakchi2:


WARNING follow this tutorial at your own risk! When hacking or modifying anything you always run the chance of messing something up or breaking something!

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43 Replies to “SNES Classic Usb Mod Add More Storage SNES/NES Mini”

  1. DRVR 99

    I've used hundreds of these in my mods. Be advised: that dongle shown at 1:23 WILL NOT WORK. It looks correct. But just WILL NOT WORK. Furthermore, the one he IS Using today —they make another (what I call a squid cable) which has one less USB input—Because who needs 3, right? Well, that one DOES NOT WORK either. The exact one he is using today does work but I have had a substantial failure rate with them.

  2. ClaudiaNher

    I tried doing that I bought a flag drive with 8000 games for my snes but once I connect the flash drive to my snes i even bought another type of cable thinking it was not good but once I connect the flash drive nothing come up no games nothing

  3. Nicolo Marinas

    Do you have any info on how to do a 4 player support for the snes classic? I have mame in my console but i do not know how to do a 4 controller support? Can you make a video or tell me if it's possible?

  4. Joshua

    followed your advice ordered a usb otg and only to find out when it was shipped to me it doesnt work w my mini when plugged in to the pc so that was 8.00 down the drain. oh well.

  5. Mark Tilley

    I just got an OTG. I loaded about 700 nes games to the flash drive. I just updated to hakchi 3.4.1 and now when I open ANY game and press ANY button, it automatically sends me back to the home screen. Please help!

  6. Seb Dinatale

    after adding nes snes n64 sega master system and sega genesis with all game roms to my folder structure for the snes mini and then exporting everything with hakchiCE to the usb I get C8 error when I try to run a game

  7. Patrick Hohorst

    EGT Prime you Da best ?!!! And a life saver why didn't I think of a way around this I know their had to be away around to be able to get more games 🙂 I just didn't know if it could work

  8. Yorkshire Pud

    The left side micro USB that looks the part is 20 pounds in the UK with a massive fail rate, 20 fucking pounds for something that costs 3 max to make they have seen this video for sure!! Fucking thieves!!!

  9. Chris MacFarland

    Great video, I was able to follow it easily and got the full library loaded onto a flash drive and works on my system. I tested a bunch of games and they work fine. The only problem I have is when switching pages. I have original games in root with 45 games per folder. Sometimes when switching folders I get a C8 error and have to hit the reset button. When I do that and things load it brings up the language screen and it's like I'm turning on the system for the first time. It's not a consistent bug either. Anyone else have that issue?

  10. Command37

    Hello ETA Prime. My Windows Vista doesn't seem to have drivers for the SNES Classic. I have been searching on Google for the last hour but cannot seem to find any. I am unable to buy a newer PC at the moment. Do you have any suggestions?

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