SNES Classic mini with USB external drive

A New Hakchi2 CE Tool is now available:

Use a USB memory stick to expand the storage of your SNES Classic mini.

KMFDManic-NESC-SNESC-Cores(get the latest!)

Here is the contents of the micro SD card I am using as of 19 Nov:

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  1. Aslam Barahim

    Hi ,great video..just geting into the snes mini scene.the ebay links opens to "90 Degree Left & Right Angle Micro USB 2.0 OTG Host Adapter Convertor For Phone" which one do i need? the right hand side or left hand side?


    I'm like that uncool dad who's still calling the SNES a "Super Nintendo," and the new kids are like, "Super hwat?! Mister, I don't know what star system you came from, but please don't ever call a Snez a 'Super Nintendo' again. Like ever. That is so offensive."

  3. TheFlamingmoe86

    Can u please explain to me how this works and how I can do this with my SNES I'm not very clever when it comes to technical stuff but I literally bought it for Mario there are some other games I'd love to have on their

  4. MessiahGaming1080p

    I so agree with you, a big thank you to the guys making this possible, to only have 21 games is such a strange limitation from Nintento, at least give it some futureproof value and evolution as a machine. But I guess they just want a quick money grab and then back to virtual console on the Switch, grabbing money over and over for the same old games for each new console. I see no other reason for it than that tbh. So thank god there is ways and people dedicated to bring us what we want to have, excellent, awesome and just my childhood all over again down to the controlpads, the look of the machine except smaller. It almost feels unreal that I will have a Snes again in a few days.

    Another thing, how can you play the 4 player games on the Snes mini, is it even possible, are they releasing accessories for it or you have to play that with mods also?

    Thanks once again man, appreciate it!

  5. MessiahGaming1080p

    Oh my god the Snes mini is so freaking cute, I can't wait to get the 3 I ordered! Thanks for this video, btw you mention SD card in the description, you have changed or added something more because I see you use USB not SD? And also when you put in the USB you always override the original games, so if you wanted those original games bundled with the original you had to put them in again on the USB?

    Thanks in advance and thanks for sharing, this is truly awesome. I love that Nintendo did this, releasing a new Snes.

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