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Super Nintendo Entertainment System Classic Edition Mini review
Retail availability: 2017-

Music (in order):
Super Mario World 2 “Flower Garden” by Koji Kondo
Super Castlevania IV “The Forest of Monsters” by Masanori Adachi, and Taro Kudo
Super Mario World “Overworld 2” by Koji Kondo
Super Metroid “Brinstar Overgrown” by Kenji Yamamoto
F-Zero “Big Blue” by Yumiko Kanki, and Naoto Ishida
Star Fox “Intro Cutscene” by Hajime Hirasawa
“SNES: Classic Edition Menu Music”
Donkey Kong Country “Island Swing” by David Wise, Eveline Fischer, and Robin Beanland
Super Mario World “Vanilla Dome” Koji Kondo

Gameplay, images, trailers and foreground from:
Sony Interactive Entertainment

YouTube videos used:
“NES Longplay [020] Castlevania” by World of Longplays

“NES Longplay [450] Ghosts’n Goblins” by World of Longplays

“NES Longplay [013] Mega Man 2” by World of Longplays

“NES Longplay [052] Super Mario Bros. 3” by World of Longplays

“Nintendo Classic Mini: Nintendo Entertainment System – A Blast from the Past” by Nintendo UK

“SNES Longplay [039] Batman Returns” by World of Longplays

“SNES Longplay [102] Chrono Trigger (part 1 of 7)” by World of Longplays

“SNES Longplay [073] Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy’s Kong Quest” by World of Longplays

“SNES Longplay [276] Final Fight” by World of Longplays

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“SNES Longplay [094] Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 4 – Turtles In Time (a)” by World of Longplays

“Stunt Race FX (SNES) Playthrough – NintendoComplete” by NintendoComplete

“Super Nintendo Entertaiment System SNES original TV advert” by snesemulators

“Wii Longplay [027] Lylat Wars (Route 3 good ending)” by World of Longplays

34 Replies to “SNES: Classic Edition review – ColourShed”

  1. Inkyobus

    I got this for christmas. Honestly this was a nice alternative to collecting the original carts since the prices in the UK are pretty insane. The no power supply is no big deal for me as the system can just run off the TV's USB.

  2. Phobos Anomaly

    God, our SNES in America is so ugly. I wish they had just kept the same look for the console in all regions. The only thing I like about the American SNES is the concave X and Y with the convex A and B.

  3. dominick smith

    It's funny that you say that because I actually got an AC adapter with mine I heard that we were not going to get one but when I opened mine up and got it I was like OK so I guess they change their mind.

  4. Jack _

    I wouldn't complain about not having power supply in the box. It could be much worse. They could be using some proprietary bullshit instead of micro-usb. That's a win when we are talking about Nintendo.

  5. cominroitover80

    My friend has one. It's OK. Honestly it's not any better than an emulator. It IS an emulator. It's RetroArch, which you can install on any computer. 16 bit fucking era fucking blows anyway. I end up playing NES games that he put on there anyway. Hit me up when they make one for PS1 games. Hell I'm going to be doing that anyway. Get some small linux computer, install Mednafend and Retroarch and your good.

  6. Cloud Air

    i don't get why they didn't double the frame rate in star fox 2 for this release.. they could have just said "we doubled the frame rate but everything else is the same" and no one would have been like "why did those idiots do that?!"

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