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  1. nypad5

    SNES is the best system hands down. I mean, including super famicom games, what they could do late in the systems life was amazing. Take for example Megaman & Bass vs Megaman 8. Same graphics and runs perfect and MM&Bass is a far better game than Megaman8.

  2. IonSquared

    Yeah, most of these games look infinitely better with the CRT display. I'm guessing they never tried it, did they? (Edit: oh good they at least did with DKC! I skipped over that.) I'm the exact same as Jeff when it comes to these collections and I generally never mess with the CRT mode, but once you try it, you realize it's a goddamn must for LOTS of these — especially games with pre-rendered graphics like Donkey Kong Country and Super Mario RPG. It smooths them out dramatically and they look just like they used to.

    I played the entirety of SMRPG in 4:3 and now I'm really sad about that 🙁 So this is just some advice to people who may have only recently picked up an SNES Classic. Don't make the same mistake as me.

  3. WR3ND

    Men-children swearing is super edgy. Shame I have to filter out this non-content so much on YouTube, having a soon to be 4 year old daughter, since there might actually be something worthwhile in this video otherwise. We'll never know.

  4. Caffeinated King

    I'm not sure I understand the hate for the way DKC looks, I mean yeah pixel drawn sprites tend to be easier on the eyes and it's fine to prefer them but I think the CG look in Donkey Kong still looks good, rough in places but the style is still there to me.

  5. stockicide

    It's a nice looking collectible, but Nintendo trying to sell an emulator in a plastic box with built-in games that they've already been overcharging people for on virtual console is just sad. The original game developers don't get royalties, guys. Just buy a USB SNES controller, download an emulator, and link it to your tv.

  6. rkr402

    I miss Ryan. The guy in the middle reminds me of why I haven't watched since Ryan passed and vinny/alex started their own gb project on the east coast.

    But seriously the guy in the middle is cancer.
    Where do you find people like this, off the street?

  7. umiluv

    Man… I really want to play Super Mario RPG. I never played it but I loved Thousand Year Door so I would love to check out the OG Mario RPG.

    Also, I really hope Switch VC includes GameCube games. I really want to play Chibi-Robo and a lot of other really quirky titles from that console.

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