SNES Classic Edition – Is It Worth It? | RGT 85 Preview

The SNES Classic Edition arrived at my house today, so I thought it would be fun to check out! Let’s take a look at some of the games on the SNES Mini and get my initial thoughts on the system!


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48 Replies to “SNES Classic Edition – Is It Worth It? | RGT 85 Preview”

  1. Raven__310

    Can you please help me out I am in search of one of these systems for my sick child I have calm across them on eBay but people are asking out rages prices but I noticed that the European version is way cheaper and I wanted to know I went on Amazon and they said that it’s not region locked so I’m guessing that will allow me to play yet here in America and I wanted to know will it be able to mod it just like the American version ?

  2. kiam mon

    This all you need snes only had 10 great games …so its an easy sistem to make…to make a definitive genesis classic…It has to have over 50 games.

    I had both growing up ..
    1.super Mario world felt dull & boring when there is sonic 2 to be played …even though I played both when the house decided which on to play….

    2.??‍♂️ I never got the hype of snes and their games..back in those days ..the interest just wasn’t there…Star Fox never interest me ,I traded my snes for the awesomeness that was the sega genesis ….the one time. I praised snes ..was when MORTAL KOMBAT 2…was so great and sega genesis own felt like half a game …but you could tell that would have been done.because probe did such a garbage job with the first one …u expect the same ,crap developing from them on the second one …
    Snes music and sound effects where just child like in nature

  3. Ray Padilla

    Wouldn't it be awesome if the fx chip was originally built into the SNES! It would've been a beast 16 bit console! They would've been responsible for starting the 3d games craze!

  4. Thomas Caddy

    I got my SNES system in Christmas 1993 with Mario World as the pack in game. I never did like Mario World. I loved playing Super Mario on my NES, but didn’t like this one. I played Madden 94 and NCAA Basketball instead.

  5. Soul Intent

    Starfox 2 blew my mind and its not even the snes era. I play it a lot, its a great game. Sure the graphics dont hold up, but who cares? Everything about it is amazing.

  6. j0nnyism

    As someome who already owns most of these games on cartridge this is still worth it for me. Its fantastic for speedruns even the slowdown on starfox is on point. Nintendo really made an effort with this console


    You're better off getting this than to try to buy an SNES and all of those games. You'll spend a ton of money trying to do it that way. If you can find one of these for a decent price, snag it up.

  8. SupermanKalL

    Finally got the Super NES Classic Edition last month (Jan. 17, 2018) at a Walmart in my city here in Canada, after nearly 4 months since its release. This console is still just so hard to find at stores. Why Nintendo still makes this item rare to get is beyond me. At least they kept their word this system would still be available into the new year, but I sure hope they make it more available. They said they would do a better job compared to how they did with the NES Classic Edition, which they were criticized for the lack of availability which I never got.

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