SNES Background Mode 7 – Super Nintendo Entertainment System Features Pt. 05

Ever wonder how the SNES could stretch and rotate things by using mode 7? It’s all explained right here.
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37 Replies to “SNES Background Mode 7 – Super Nintendo Entertainment System Features Pt. 05”

  1. beefknuckles

    Awesome explanation. I don't really understand math that well but the visuals were so clean that I got it! Very amazing tech they were making due with back in the day. Great series!!

  2. Frank Rodriguez

    I remember in my college computer graphics we learned that if you do rotations, due to rounding certain destination pixels will get missed and we filled our empty pixels with an average of the neighboring pixels. Mode 7 does the math on the destination pixels so I imagine this means that certain pixels get missed from the source. How does Mode 7 handle these?

  3. NicoAiko

    As a developer I find this really fascinating! It's unbelievable what past developers came up with to get their work done in terms of limitations. Really impressive.

    Also I love your videos! Subbed, liked and shared with all I know!

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