43 Replies to “Smash Bros. for Wii-U Opening Cinematic”

  1. venom shake

    this is the smash game that missed out on bc i didn’t have a wii u ever and i never was able to get it on 3ds, i wish i could have been apart of the community when it came out

  2. Mister Random

    I mean, I like melee, but…

    Every smash game to me is amazing. Heck, I played Brawl and enjoyed it, actually. And I haven't played Wii U/3DS or Ultimate, but I'm sure they're great (I'm looking to play 3DS because I've tried the demo and it's actually great). Smash doesn't just have to be some silly competitive game. Super Smash Brothers is meant to be a celebration of video games, and I think it should be treated as such. The competitive aspect of it is fun, but it's not what Smash is supposed to be. The game isn't only fun under some community-made ruleset, but it's also fun just sitting down, and playing the absolutely chaotic Smash 64, or taking a chance with the unbalanced party game that is Brawl. Melee is not seen as Smash, it's only seen as Melee, and that's sad. Super Smash Brothers is my favorite fighting game franchise to ever have been created. It doesn't have to be just one game, with one ruleset.

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