12 Replies to “SmartThings vs. Hubitat vs. IQ Panel 2”

  1. Ady Ady

    latetly if i control like 15-20 devices in a short period of time (1-2mins) smartthings lag extremly bad like it takes minutes to control something, did you had any experience with hubitat with a lot of devices at once to see if it happens the same?

  2. rfh1987

    This is great, thanks! I've been seriously considering moving to Hubitat because of the lag I get with SmartThings, and this makes me think even more that that's a good idea.

  3. Grant's Auto Essentials

    Watching logs and using Device Monitor show delays and how often devices actually drop and how inconsistent SmartThings Hub can be. Leaning towards Hubitat. Btw loving my Inovelli Red Series Switches/Dimmers and can't wait to get my Fan/Light switch and Illumin bulbs to increase my evergrowing notifications lists.

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