SmartThings V3 vs. SmartThings V2 Review: Should You Upgrade?

I’ve been a SmartThings user since 2014 and have used and owned the last three versions. Today I’ll compare the second hub to the third generation hub. We’ll also take a look at a couple of the new sensors including the Multipurpose Sensor and Water Leak Sensor.

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SmartThings V3 Review:
Using SmartThings Without the Cloud:
Smart Home Solver Motion Test:

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28 Replies to “SmartThings V3 vs. SmartThings V2 Review: Should You Upgrade?”

  1. Patrick Lao

    It's hard to trust the market. Why is your V2 link $88 and your V3 link $62. One of the biggest points made here is the cost of the V3 is about double the price of the V2. This isn't guitar pedals we're talking about here. Technology drops in price and keeps dropping.

  2. Jeffrey Robertson

    I'm about to get all new Samsung appliances, most of which are supposedly controllable with wifi. I have the V2 hub and the classic SmartThings app. I just downloaded the new app and have purchased the V3 hub. My questions is: Do I have to upgrade the hub to use the wifi features on the new appliances? Will they work with the classic app? Help me before I potentially make a HUGE mistake and create lots of work for myself! Thank you!

  3. Giorgio Pranzo

    Thanks for this review. Very useful and to the point.
    As a long time Smarthings user I continue being disappointed in its direction since Samsung's purchase. More and more lock-in to cloud services and increasingly worsening Customer caring.
    Local functionality when isolated from cloud services for me and most serious HA adopters is a must, as well as power outage survivability since more and more automation features are Security related. This new hub is not going in the right direction, except for cost.

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