SmartThings v3 Review & New Sensors – Comparing v3 vs v2

SmartThings v3 hub is only slightly different than v2, but the new sensors have some big updates. We compare and test SmartThings v3 vs v2 sensors and hubs to show you the differences.

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New Water Leak Sensor:

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SmartThings Ideas video:

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20 Replies to “SmartThings v3 Review & New Sensors – Comparing v3 vs v2”

  1. savvy one

    Ive had the v2 since its realease and have built my HA system over the years with nearly 5k invested automating everything. Im concerned that the new connect app that is being phased in does not currently allow the vast amount of 3rd party apps ie, webCoRE, askalexa, big talker, any many others, that govern my entire houses intelligence. Is there no discussion on this matter or are people just now trying home automation in 2018. Nice video though i think ill hold on to the v2 for a little longer

  2. Mike Rocha

    So would you recommend v3 if you already have v2? Sounds like the v3 went back a few steps in compatibility. The only thing appealing Ive heard so far is that it can be used wirelessly. No nest or sonos compatibility troubles me

  3. fulesmackofule

    Hi, I am new to SmartThings. I have a Samsung Galaxy S9+ that has the SmartThings app installed. Do I need a hub to be able to control/receive info from all these sensors? What is the protocol being used, how does it work?

  4. Mark Flatt

    Battery is draining fast in my version 3 multipurpose sensor on my living room window…any explanation as to why? It isn’t far from the Hub…15 feet…also, how do i open the battery compartment on the multipurpose sensor?

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