SmartThings Smart Home Setup [SO SIMPLE]

Ever wanted a smart home? These days it’s SO simple. Following this video will show you just how simple it is to transform ANY home into a smart one.

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17 Replies to “SmartThings Smart Home Setup [SO SIMPLE]”

  1. Bill P

    FYI I just purchased a V3 hub and find out via Samsung support that unless you have a S7 phone or newer you can't use the App to install it, as it won't even be seen in the PlayStore. I have a Note 3 and apparently this is a fact. Support also tells me that that the ONLY difference in V2 & V3 is that they dropped the battery backup in V3. What Samsung idiot thought this was progress?

  2. Carlos Castillo

    Hello Taylor, currently struggling between SmartThings and Home Assistant. I'm fairly technical so that won't be an issue, but I just don't want to be limited by SmartThings consumer oriented setup. It appears Home Assistant gives you further customization… what are your thoughts? Any areas where you have felt restricted by SmartThings ? Thanks

  3. Howard Tsztoo

    Hi Drew,
    I enjoyed your video. The most interesting portion was you going to the community to look for the code for the GE Lightbulb. I did not understand how to use the community area until you did that.
    So, I will be looking for code to operate the Geekbes that I just purchased.

  4. R M

    I don’t use the Batteries in the v2 either. Personally, I have found the radios in the v1 to be much stronger and more compatible than the v2. I have some bulbs on a v1 that won’t work over 10’ from the v2. I don’t know of any advantage of the v2 hub. I think initially they planned to have some non internet dependent basic functionality for scheduled routines but it never materialized, everything remains internet dependent. Thoughts on the v1 vs v2?

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