SmartThings Hub v2 Review

Review of the Samsung SmartThings Hub verson 2 and explaining what this amazing device actually does.
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27 Replies to “SmartThings Hub v2 Review”

  1. Alan Orta

    Horrible advice to scrap your alarm monitoring service in favor of this device. Your alarm company has a dedicated staff to dispatch 1st Responders 24/7. Not to mention a direct line to local dispatch ( other than 911)

  2. Paul Brunt

    You should checkout the webcore app for smartthings. It lets you do what you want with very little developer knowledge, ie lets you set things to do different things based on month, hour, minute, weather, etc. The biggest bump was getting it installed, but their wiki instructions gets you up and running in now time. It's lacking polish but it's still in beta.

  3. Lionel Keeping

    Regarding the comment about having the lights come on at different times for certain months of the year. The ST hub already does it better than that. You can set them to come on at sunrise, or however long before or after sunrise (or sunset) that you want and it automatically tracks the time of sunrise for your location. Works perfectly.

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