SmartThings Hub Setup – Making Home Automation Simple

So you have your SmartThings Hub…Now what? Well in this video we go over how simple it is to setup the SmartThings Hub by Samsung: And how easy it is to make your Home Automation very simple. Think of this hub as the brain that all the other devices go through, so instead of having 50 apps on your phone, you’ll be able to just have the one and still control everything, and have it all setup to where you don’t need to do anything. With the items below, along with your Smart Speakers, (Google Home, Echo, or HomePod) or even your smart lights like Lifx or Philips Hue, you can automate things like having the lights turn on or off when you enter or leave the room. Make your Thermostat turn down or up when you arrive or leave your home. That is the power of the SmartThings Hub. The options are endless.
SmartThings Hub:

SmartThings Home Monitoring Kit:

Multipurpose Sensor:

Motion Sensor:

Smart Outlet:

Arrival Sensor:
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List of gear:

This video is just the first in a series on how to setup and use the SmartThings Hub by Samsung. We unbox it as well as get it setup in this video and will go more in depth into what all you can do with this little device and how to use it later in the series so keep an eye out for the next video.

3 Replies to “SmartThings Hub Setup – Making Home Automation Simple”

  1. Peter Müller

    I'm only just dipping my toes in the ocean of Smart Home capabilities but so far, this Hub has been fantastic.>>>    I really haven't had to interact with it at all since I set it up and paired all the components to it – which is probably the highest praise I could give! The app is *very easy to use and navigate intuitively without any fuss.*

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