Smartthings ADT Home Security – The Best Priced Smart Home Security System

The Samsung Smartthings ADT Home Security Starter Kit is a smart home security alarm panel that comes with 2 door/window sensors, a motion sensor, and a touchscreen alarm panel. The panel has a built-in battery backup, cellular data backup. and a built in Smartthings hub.

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29 Replies to “Smartthings ADT Home Security – The Best Priced Smart Home Security System”

  1. Rob Albert

    So you have to activate the Adt system to to get notified of an alarm?Will it use wi-fi to contact u with a push notification and if wi-fi is not available will it use cellular to notify u if you don't activate through ADT

  2. 4PRVID

    So I have been trying the Ring alarm, and so far I am not 100% sold on it. It keeps going offline whether it's on wifi or connected with ethernet. I am considering trying the ADT Smartthings, but am curious if the siren is loud or if an additional siren can be added if needed that will work while being monitored by ADT? Is it possible to test the siren & the system like the old ADT system (as in decade old) I still have?

  3. jman eman

    If I already have a SmartThings Hub, would you recommend just using them as two separate hubs, or integrate them together through webcore? I don't really have any sensors yet, so it wouldn't really be that big of a deal to just start with a new, different hub (the ADT hub). What benefits are there to integrating both hubs together through Webcore?

  4. Collin Brown

    I'm glad I watched this video before looking into the newer Samsung smart things sensors, it surprises me that they don't communicate with the ADT system being that the hub is a partnered product. I was lucky enough to get the hub free when I wanted it anyway when I bought my Q7 QLED Smart TV and it had some minor glitches but I got them taken care of with Samsung customer service. But good in depth video overall, thanks for sharing.

  5. _sweet_and_lo

    This is absolutely the worst experience that I’ve ever encountered. After ordering this product and waiting for a month due to a back order. The system would not allow us to connect. Moreover, the alarm would not stop going off, at one point we had to put the product in the box and outside. We were on the phone for 21/2 hours and could not find anyone who could troubleshoot. We were hung up on and then transferred in mid sentence after being told over and over that we were in the wrong department. 6 transfers and 5 800 #’s and we could reach a single soul to help us or that new how to troubleshoot the product. The only way to contact the department was on line, we requested a refund today. We will go with ring! This is unacceptable! I hope no one else has to experience this, I cannot get those 2.5 hours of my time back, bad customer service very disappointing and disturbing.

  6. Bryan Dimsdale

    Thanks for this video Chris! Did you migrate all of your devices from you old ST hub to the new ADT hub or are you running two hubs in 2 locations? I saw your comments on the ADT-Tools wiki to Mavrrick, but I am unable to get SMH on the ADT Hub. Any suggestions? Thanks again!

  7. weston lee

    So how can I get the starter kit "motion detector" to interface with the "hub"? The motion detector will not trigger the alarm when set on "away"? thanks P.S. appreciate your video.

  8. lwhays

    Chris, thanks for the video (and channel) – I'm comparing the ADT kit to the Samsung kit in your "under $350" video. It seems like the tradeoffs are the ADT is cheaper and has a tablet/keypad, but the fact that it doesn't want to integrate with non-ADT peripherals (like I assume the samsung-only kit will) is making me think maybe I should just pay the extra $25 and use an old tablet for a guest alarm pad. Any thoughts on this?

  9. Brandon Culler

    Thanks for posting.. I bought this system the weekend it came out & have been searching for YouTube videos ever since. It’s been an adventure to say the least getting this going (including a few factory resets). At $99 this is a steal. I paid $600 plus bought a bunch of sensors. Ive been wanting so bad to get the functionality of when i use a code to unlock the door, it will unarm the system. Reason being, i have a 3 story house and we don’t always enter on the floor where the panel is.. and with a 3yr & 2yr old, making it to the panel in 30 seconds is a challenge period. I’m happy that Alexa added added the ADT SmartThings skill so i can utilize that with a passcode so it’s still secure to disarm with my voice. It looks like one of the items you referenced, someone has figured it out. Ive been trying to get WebCore to do it for a while on my own, also ActionTiles etc… never had a good solution other than Alexa.

  10. Dave Lokey

    Great video. I haven't dug very deep to find out this answer, but is this region locked like the newer V3 hub? good to know that from what i see so far, this seems to not limit the native functionality of the traditional smartthings hub. might pick a few of these up. sucks we missed out on the sale they had on the actual ADT specific add on modules at 10 bucks a piece during black Friday.

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