SMART LIGHTS (Philips Hue) | Unboxing with Mattanda

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33 Replies to “SMART LIGHTS (Philips Hue) | Unboxing with Mattanda”

  1. Ксения Шакирова

    I love these bulbs.>>>   I hooked them up to my computer with the Hue Sync and now they change light according to the music I play, or the video game I'm playing, on top of just being great bulbs. They're so bright and vivid when colored. I get tons of use out of these in tandem with my Echo as well, but do use them from my phone at times. Anyone looking to get smart bulbs should snag these, despite being a slightly high price point, they do an amazing job!

  2. Ciera

    My room is in the basement, so the lighting is super harsh. As soon as you started talking about color temp I wanted to turn all the lights out! I really wish I had the expenses to buy those fabulous bulbs.

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