Smart Home Part 6: LaunchControl Keep Homebridge Running

In this screencast tutorial I cover an application called LaunchControl by Soma-Zone Software ( which will help you keep your homebridge instance running and auto launch at reboot.

I have received a lot of questions about how to keep homebridge alive when a Mac reboots or the service crashes for some reason. When this happens it can leave you without access to your non HomeKit devices and cause a lot of issues. To help solve that LaunchControl is a front end for controlling launchd which is used to auto launch applications or services and in this case I show you how to set it up to keep homebridge running at all times.

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7 Replies to “Smart Home Part 6: LaunchControl Keep Homebridge Running”

  1. KiliToGO

    Dear Todd,
    Could you make a screencast in how to set up Mosquitto on a Mac and deep it running?
    It pears very good with homebridge, but I have some issues with creeping it stable.
    Thank you very much

  2. cody ackert

    Hey Todd, I've been enjoying your videos on this topic with homekit and harmony.

    I've run into a problem…when I enter the information to go in the ‘Program to run’ section. All the text inside turns green for me and doesn't have half green and half black text like yours shows in the video. How do you get that to happen because I can't get it to run typing in that directory or clicking on the Set Executable…

    I go right to where the home bridge file is but when I get it to load it says at the bottom that the job has failed. And when I check the error message says 'env: node: No such file or directory'.
    Even though I can go to where the file is in Finder and double-click on it and then it will open up terminal and have homebridge running.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Hoping I didn't waste 20 bucks on this launch control program

  3. T3hReaper Gaming

    Hi Todd, I have found the series useful so far getting ready to setup my home bridge. I have bought an FLS-PP IP wireless ballast for LED strip. I have been trying to figure out how to setup this via homebridge into Phillips Hue to work along with HomeKit. Without homebridge I can add the controller into the Phillips Hue app but this doesn’t work with HomeKit natively. Any help would be appreciated!!

  4. david nguyen

    hello todd, just watched the whole smart home series. really interesting about the homebridge. do you use any homekit devices for the door bell? august seems to be the only homekit doorbell as of right now. its a nice doorbell but really ugly shape. do you think a ring doorbell would sync up with homebridge? also do you use any exterior security cameras with homekit?

  5. Matthew Wolfe

    Great video! I was wondering what I could use that would keep it loading at startup. I am having to redo my iMac (I replaced my HDD and a few things recently) so once I set my HomeBridge back up I'll grab this.

    Seems like their website is currently down or just lagging.

  6. Lover D

    Hi Todd,
    Thanks for this one😀
    In my case the job homebridge would not load after a restart of computer.
    I overcame this by selecting “override disabled key” under Jobs and set it to “always false”.
    Works fine for me now.
    Kindly let me and others know if this is the correct way or if I missed something.



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