Smart Home Lighting Guide – Advanced Lighting Tutorial (SmartThings, Hue, Z-Wave Lighting)

This is a Smart Lighting Guide for home automation. This video covers many different options for adding smart lighting, including Philips Hue, SmartThings, Wink, Connected bulbs, Z-wave switches, outlets, and micro switches. This video includes installation instructions for wall switches as well as advanced lighting options. Check out my Home Automation Series for more information regarding home automation.

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My Home Automation Devices:
Samsung SmartThings –
Logitech Harmony Hub –
Google Home –
Amazon Echo –
Linear Dimmer Switch –
Linear Accessory Switch –
Enerwave Micro Switch –
Enerwave Double Micro –
Aeon Labs Micro Switch –
SmartThings Multi Sensor –
SmartThings Motion Sensor –
SmartThings Water Sensor –
Aeotec Water Sensor –
Eaton Dimmer Switch –
GoControl Z-Wave Relay –

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22 Replies to “Smart Home Lighting Guide – Advanced Lighting Tutorial (SmartThings, Hue, Z-Wave Lighting)”

  1. Dene. F.

    I see this video is quite old but if anybody could help I would both do grateful. Me and a friend are desperatly looking for a wall switch with no neutral as mentioned briefly above. Here in England our lighting system does not use a neutral in the switch circuits. If anybody could be able to point us in the right direction we would be very grateful? Many thanks.

  2. Frankie Kenneth

    Maj. Have the instructions to the 3-way Z-Wave switch changed since this vid? The descriptions on 7:45 and beyond seem a bit different now? Maybe technology has made improvements ? My main point I’m unclear is where does the add on switch go now.

  3. Kazuma Onizuka

    Do you know of any in-wall switch that could control devices on my Smartthings hub? Instead of sticking a battery powered button on the wall, I want something that looks like an actual light switch. One that doesn't physically power a light, but sends a signal to my Smartthings hub to turn on/off my Lifx lights. This way, my lights would always have power, but would be turned on'/off through Smartthings.
    Thanks in Advance

  4. shadowops62

    Awesome video Chris, I do have a question though. I am installing new outdoor lighting. A post lamp, lamps on either side of my garage door and a lamp next to my side garage door. I initially wanted to use a photocell on the post light at the end of the driveway but then thought it would be cool to integrate it with my smart things hub. Everything I have seen consists of using a light switch and a relay. Is there any way to avoid having to install a light switch first? Can a relay just be inline without a switch?

  5. Luis Acevedo

    Hey.. question.. can a aeotec motion control a 3rd party outlet.. the app that controls the outlet is smart life.. i wanted to control that receptical with the aeon motion… thanks… oh yeah.. great educational video you are putting up.. keep up the great work..

  6. adrian97c

    3-way question: How could I tell which outlet is master? I tested with meter, as follows:
    Box 1(2gang): has 2 hot wires & 1 load.

    Box 2(single box): has 1 hot wire & 2 loads.

    I have no idea which is traveler

  7. Mary Wilson

    When you add home automation to most plans with security companies they jack up your monitoring price but I was surprised when I was quoted $35 by Armorax for smartphone app control, professional monitoring AND home automation. I’m able to control my lights, door locks, thermostat and garage door!

  8. V Martinez

    What is the difference between having a ST outlet and a smart outlet compatible with Alexa? Since I have the echo dot, couldn’t I just use an outlet that is compatible with Alexa instead of using ST outlet?

  9. adrian97c

    Will you post a video about how to make wall switches compatible with ST? ( I was assuming entire time that ST will natively see these devices). Are there any wall switches that are compatible with ST out of the box?

  10. Kevin Wagoner

    Maybe you might know. I have an issue with my kid turning the lights on. It's a standard lamp. What I really want to do is make it so at night if he tried to turn his lights on, hall lights on switches they won't turn on bright very low then after a specific time say 8am they would turn on full power if u flip the switch. Our Hall lights are wall switches his room is just a standard lamp. This way the light won't be too bright and he stays up. Normally he wakes go and goes to the bathroom turns on the lights and then stays up because his room is so bright.

  11. Oddball6

    Another great video of yours that i've stumbled upon. Question: Going to be purchasing all smart lights and I'd like to control them through Alexa. Should I sync them directly through Alexa or through smartthings. Correct me if i'm wrong, but seems like there'd be added delay if I connected through smartthings. Your thoughts?

  12. Sadko

    I think that I spoke too soon. After watching several more of your videos, in one place you said that Zwave switches would not work with LEDs. My only objective is to be able to control my Fluorescent fixtures in the kitchen by Google voice. Please tell me if this is not feasible or if it would involve too many complications – and I shall just forget controlling the kitchen lights.

  13. Sadko

    I have seen a number of YouTube presentations on this subject, but yours is the clearest explanation that I have seen. I have installed a Phillips Hue Hub and am controlling a number of Hue bulbs directly from my Google Home Assistant by voice. What I wish to accomplish is to control (ON and OFF) are two LED (fluorescent replacement) fixtures in my kitchen. After watching your video, it appears that two Z-Wave switches should do the trick. Thanks,

  14. John Knowles

    Hey, Majestechs. I'm not sure if you have made a video that demonstrates how you could have your lights come on when you got within a certain distance from home? Proximity, rather than a sensor, via your cell phone location? This is something I'm very interested in. Is that something you have had any experience of so far in your home automation experiments? Thanks

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