Small Speaker, Big Sound!!! Amazon Echo Plus 2nd Gen Unboxing!

In this video I unbox and test out the new Amazon Echo Plus smart speaker..

But it here:

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20 Replies to “Small Speaker, Big Sound!!! Amazon Echo Plus 2nd Gen Unboxing!”

  1. stratgibson

    Found out about these 2 weeks ago,got a dot 3 took home & was so impressed with sound I got 2 more from bestbuy for 50,then a few days ago had to try a Echo 2nd gen, have it on my nighttable & the sound is amazing along with the dot 3's,I have a full home stereo system to compare but these echos are just amazing,i just ordered another echo 2nd gen from ebay,got it for 54 ,now Im curious about the echo plus

  2. Brianna Terese

    Does anyone know where Alexa sends stuff when it says “okay I’ll send that to your phone”? There no pop up or notification or any indication that I have received something from Alexa (like a recipe or more information, etc.) – please help! 😭

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