Skydio 2: BEST DRONE! My In-Depth Review (4K)

This might be the BEST drone I’ve ever used! Could it be a DJI killer? The subject tracking and autonomous flying of this Skydio 2 (4K 60fps HDR) drone is CRAZY impressive, exhilarating and terrifying all at the same time. This is my in-depth hands-on review, let me know your thoughts!

Skydio 2:

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Huge thanks to my FPV drone op: @Kelly Lopez + 2nd op: @tylerwmorgan (IG)

0:00 Intro
1:25 How it works
2:16 Camera 4K 60fps HDR Samples
2:42 How it helps my shooting
3:27 What’s included and Setup
3:55 Flying with Phone app + motion tracking
4:40 Max speed and battery life
5:08 Orbit mode & other tracking modes
5:57 One-shots
6:31 Camera settings
6:54 Photos
7:01 Phone wifi connectivity range
7:32 Option accessories / remote controller
8:23 GPS Beacon & impossible tracking capabilities
9:45 Case Landing
10:07 Safety
10:30 Crash-proof?
11:00 Wish list
12:31 Conclusion

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46 Replies to “Skydio 2: BEST DRONE! My In-Depth Review (4K)”


    Seems you are thoroughly impressed with this drone….so explain all the videos here that show the Skydio following for 30 feet or so and then going in another direction on it's own and losing track…even when there are ZERO obstacles, trees, power lines, etc.? I am still scared to death to invest in this drone! Seems they still need some major improvements….OK…now I will watch YOUR video and see how it sits with me NOW

  2. Sourabh Shakya

    I do not recommend this drone to anyone. I bought this drone. Its an expensive drone worth $1200. The drone hit the trees in broad day light. The warranty is a scam. They ll always say that there were thin branches so its not going to be covered in warranty. Later if you want to get it repaired, they ll send you a big bill. DO NOT WASTE your money on this trash.

  3. JSJ 86

    I ordered one last week and I'm excited for it to arrive! I purchased the starter kit off their website and eventually will buy some of the extra accessories down the road 🤙

  4. Bobby

    best product out there "So far" way over priced though, give it another year or so once the used market increases,…..too much money at this point.

  5. Thomas Vega

    Im excited about the possabilities dispite the price tag it is exactly what I have been looking for in a drone ..including extra battery, dual charger, controller and becon you recommend.
    Do You have any any idea how much crosswind the appliance can handel safetly….for example a Cessna 172 would be something like 12 knots of crosswind….but this is a real aircraft…What are your recommendations on this issue taking weather conditions i to consideration….also how can I better insure my flying camera and is it possable to attach a 360 camera to it to enhance its cinamatic capability….I live on an island I am a pilot by hobby when I first arrived I brought over a large 2 foot RC Helocopter…..1st flight in the yard the wind took it amd smashed it aginst a gate….and that was the end of that hobby….obviously I had things to consider before investing in such things again….that was 10 years ago….Techology has changed things so….I have questions….but I am seriously considering the investment.


  6. CJdoubleM

    That range though 😭 if Skydio wants to bring DJI users over then they are going to have to use a new technology like ocusync 2.0 unlike WiFi. WiFi is terrible.

    The tracking and obstacle avoidance is A+ on the Skydio though!

  7. i 2017

    Thank you for the video. Once you’ve got it all set up as shown, can you give the beacon to someone else so they can be followed HOWEVER you can still control Skydio 2 with the controller? Thanks again stay safe,

  8. Danny Liu

    Thanks for your time first. For your scooter ride around the lake, did you use the phone app ONLY or in conjunction with the beacon as well? My guess is both but appreciate your confirmation. Thanks again.

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