Skybell Unboxing

Check out my demo of its night vision feature:

Full unboxing of the new Skybell. You can buy it over at $199. I plan to have a installation review along with audio/video tests to demonstrate its quality over the next couple days. I’ll update this video with a link in the description when its available.

3 Replies to “Skybell Unboxing”

  1. Eric Chen

    This product works great>>> We had the Ring doorbell which never worked well and is now in the garbage. The Skybell has performed flawlessly. It installs easily but takes a few minutes to properly set up. We've used it for a month with no glitches.

  2. Wilco Civil

    horrible video image!! even worst customer service!! there are better products out there!!! buyers beware. The video color is totally off. although their promotional video featuring the product shows this crisp color image that is NOT the case. the hue is TOTALLY skewed!!

  3. Dan

    The housing being plastic doesn't make it weatherproof.  I've had a metal cased doorbell for decades and it's just as weatherproof.  Skybell was made plastic to keep costs down.  Personally I'm not a fan of plastic that is painted to look like metal.  To me the product feels too light and cheap.  And $199 is certainly way to expensive for a product with features that can be defeated when smashed, which is what a burglar would do.

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