Skybell – The Wifi DoorBell Webcam

Skybell is a wifi, webcam doorbell that allows you too see the who is at the door, even speak and hear them.

Please watch: “Bash Bunny Primer – Hak5 2225”


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  1. i_amthe fallen_1

    Since your interview you should look into how angry all their customers are.  Just check their Facebook page. People including myself have been given broken promises on our shipments.  They do not answer e-mail an have eliminate customers being able to call their phone number because all the extensions you press are all bad.    I am still waiting since October of last year and was told I would receive this November 2013.  We are now going into March.  Please do not ignore this and check for yourself.   SHAME on you Skybell.   Hak5 it is not fair that you did an interview with a company that has just flat out ignored the customers who have payed for a product and have nothing.   This statement is not false by me because I have all the document e-mails from Skybell.  SMH

  2. guynbenicia

    This camera has a lot of issues and there is NO ONE to contact if you have problems.  Now this video comes out after I have installed my camera.  Funny cuz it tells you to adjust the camera before it is installed yet you have to connect to wifi to even see a pic to know if it needs adjusting.  Also after it is installed and worked for a day now mine does nothing but blink either red or green and when someone presses the doorbell…NOTHING happens.  Yet there is NO ONE to contact and find out why?  The manuel says to reset the wifi, but no directions on how to do that on the app.  

  3. Dan

    He's holding it upside down.  This product was supposed to ship last October, then they said November, then they said before Christmas, then they said once their iPhone App is approved the hardware will be shipped.  The App was approved and we are still waiting.  Now they are saying by the second week of January.  At this point I just want my money back.  I don't feel like I can trust this company.

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