Simple way to hack/mod your SNES Classic Edition and add more games!

Here is a step by step guide on how to hack/mod the SNES Mini Classic Edition and add more games. Follow the steps to put more games on to the SNES mini and enjoy!

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Here is the link to the website for the file:

There are no links in this video for ROM files of the games. Those you must find yourself.

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29 Replies to “Simple way to hack/mod your SNES Classic Edition and add more games!”

  1. Mr.Poopybutthole

    4:46 you answered my question. I can't stand having the games in separate folders. I want them all out and ready, like you said all the Donkey Kong Country games together. It just looks cleaner. Thanks for the explanation here!

    Hey so if I don't want folders, as I don't plan to add as many games as you did, I just hit the first option to disable page/folders, and all the games appear on the main page? If I only had a few games, can I still rewind/stave stat using this?

  2. DDub 64

    hey I'm not very tech savvy in terms of modding n emulating and stuff I just bought a snes classic n I don't want to fuck it up. I'm wondering, if I follows these steps I'm golden, but what can go wrong doing this? what if I mess up n get the wrong Rom's off Google n they don't run. or if I don't have anti virus n get sum shit files that don't run or corrupts sumthing. tryin to think of other stuff that can go wrong, even if following these steps in hopes of helping me and some other newbs who may want to try this but are afraid of doing so

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