Show of the Weekend: Ellen's Big SNES Mini Decision!

It’s Show of the Weekend! Ellen talks about her hands-on with Star Wars Battlefront 2, and each of the OX team pitches their first-play choice on the SNES mini to Ellen. Which will she choose?!

Outside Xtra is a companion channel to Outside Xbox, covering the wider world of gaming with weekly lists, Let’s Plays and shows with your hosts Ellen and Luke. Look for regular appearances by OG Outside Xboxers Andy, Jane and Mike, and generally more of the videos you love, about more of the platforms you enjoy, from a team now two people larger overall.

Thanks for watching and be excellent to each other in the comments.

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46 Replies to “Show of the Weekend: Ellen's Big SNES Mini Decision!”

  1. Outside Xtra

    Show of the Weekend!! The Oxtra and Oxbox teams pitch their favourite SNES games, and the thorny issue of the Star Wars prequels rears its spiky Darth-Maul-head O_O Have brilliant weekends everyone, and enjoy!

  2. mathsalot

    The correct answer was the greatest RPG ever made! Final Fantasy III aka FF6. It changed the way people looked at RPG stories. The bad guy wins halfway through. Thanos has nothing on Kefka!

  3. EboBalo

    l think we Americans say S.N.E.S is because SNES is not and acutal word. If an acronym spells a real word then it can be read as the word it spells. Otherwise we will speak the letters. Just an insight, i dont think there is a right or wrong way.

  4. menelmacar3

    I once made that mistake too Ellen. Once. And then I had to fast for 7 days. Okay not really. But I was very disappointed in myself… I’m the go to Star Wars guy among my friends and it just came out wrong.
    I did, however, go binge listen to some (now legends) audiobooks.

  5. Thurman Carey

    The correct choice would have been FF3/6, but Andy is close enough with saying his choice would have been Crono Trigger. But love all 5 of you so much… I guess it's okay to respect your opinions.

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