Should you buy an electric car? – BBC News

Electric cars are increasingly taking to our roads but many people still have reservations. Common worries include the price of the vehicles, where you can charge, charging times and the wider environmental costs of manufacturing them.

Reality Check looks at how valid these concerns are.

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36 Replies to “Should you buy an electric car? – BBC News”

  1. Brendan McClelland

    I’m perfectly fine with a conventional gasoline car. I don’t need some pricey ass electric car which is not as green as you might think. Especially since you depend on a coal burning power plant to charge it and that the batteries are made of toxic metals, especially lithium and cobalt.

  2. jaro essa

    The reality is…the vast majority of consumers can't afford an EV. A baseline Tesla M3 runs you nearly $45K after you add in all the taxes, fees, surcharges and incidentals. That is an expensive car for your average consumer just to have an alternative powertrain. All of these hype and sales pitch videos talk about 'the future'. But…until the total price of EV's come down to the price of an entry ICE vehicle ($15-20K), and until they address the concerns of range and charge times in the package of a $20K car, ICE vehicles will continue to remain very popular for years to come.

    Just ~2% of all auto sales in the USA for 2018 were EV/Hybrid vehicles, with 98% of consumers still preferring to purchase an ICE vehicle when given the choice; and projected EV sales for 2019 are expected to stay at 2% or decline because of the now-discontinued massive tax credits the government was giving to consumers to 'convince' them to buy an EV.

  3. Pierre Tombal

    It's amazing to see practically every person here thinking there's nothing more to electricity than connecting the plug to the socket. Sure you realize the power has to come from somewhere but you apparently don't see any reason why you couldn't fully charge your car in ten minutes on a single solar panel, at night.

    Should you buy an electric car? By all means, please do! The sooner some country falls on their face with a near continuous black-out, the better. This whole idea of making everything run on electricity from sustainable sources will never work. You can't control the output of these sources and the methods for "storing" excess power for later use are extremely limited to the point of useless. Still it's all about political correctness right now, so something will have to fall before the technicians are allowed to step in. It might as well be London.

  4. xchopp

    "Should you buy an electric car?" Yes! Yes, you should. They are quieter, smoother, faster, cleaner, better in almost every way (less expensive to maintain, more reliable, will not kill you in your own garage, will not make your street an high pollution zone). Even range is not an issue these days (we do ok with our EPA 83-mile e-Golf but then again I bike to work — oh yes, you should also buy a bike).

  5. Sylvio T

    Can one of you environmentalists answer me this. Why is it that most of the blame for pollution is directly aimed at people who own cars, even though cars only account for 14% of the total pollution emitted by humans. Meanwhile, none of you "environmentalists" say one word about how much trains, ships, jets/planes and helicopters worldwide polute and how you want to ban those from being used. I bet you people feel real good when you drive your EV or Hybrid to the ariport so you can jump onto a jumbo jet (which burns 1 gallon of fuel every second!) and fly halfway across the world to take a vacation you really don't need to take. But hey, atleast you can brag to the person next to you onboard the jumbo jet just how environmentally friendly you are.

  6. Michael RCH

    I have been lucky enough to get a Hyundai Kona Electric. It's just awesome. It's probably the best car I've owned. It's brilliant fun to drive, incredibly relaxing and easy to drive and waaaay cheaper to run than the old car.
    Range is 300 miles driving in town and A/B roads and I have never had any anxiety whatsoever.
    Once you drive an electric, you will not go back 🙂

  7. Richard Phillips

    I'm not sure you going to deposit your 5 grands worth of batteries in landfill at the end of its life. If it's worth taking your old car down the scrapyard for £100, I'm pretty sure people will be recycling lithium ion batteries.

  8. Kerry Burns

    If Britain had unlimited ability to generate electricity then electric vehicles would make sense.
    It hasn't and they don't.
    So stop being so bloody stupid.

    The UK struggles to provide enough electricity with the present number of power stations, so if electric cars were the norm many more power stations would be required. What would they burn?
    Buses, wagons and ships would continue to run on diesel, the armed services are wedded to petrol —

    I get 8 hours of sunshine a day here in Spain, and run an electric bicycle on solar power, using two batteries, one to use and one to charge.
    To charge a car would probably take a week.
    The current propaganda is all about sexy electric cars —
    The reality is very different.
    What is the use of our fantastic communications systems if we have to drag our physical carcasses to a distant office to work?
    We need less transport — not more.
    Fewer aeroplanes, fewer trains, fewer ships.
    We need to listen to the planet, because it is paying our bill.

  9. MrGonzonator

    Totally failed to explain that electric cars are much cheaper to run and maintain, or that the majority (66% in England) of households in the UK have off street parking.
    Additionally, they pointed out potential environmental impacts of electric cars without balancing the argument with the known impact of ICE cars. Usual BBC scaremongering.

  10. Man with Zoe

    Don't watch this if you want to know the truth about electric cars. This is so negative and massively out of date with current technology. Watch Fully Charged, EVM, Zero Tailpipe or similar. or similar channels.

  11. Martin

    All electric cars have their batteries recycled as home battery backups. And in Scotland, the majority of the time we are running of pure wind power. Challenges, fuck off ??

  12. Martin

    I bought an electric car as my first car. 50,000 miles on it and still full battery life. Had practically no running costs and no maintenance. Have to be a mug to buy anything else. Plus they offer incredible performance. Why would I want to for to run a slower car?

  13. John Adams

    A better question would be: is the TV licencing fee funding a out of touch political bias news propagandist organisation, that regularly perverts the truth to fit its liberal narative.

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