Should you buy a Philips Hue Lightstrip in 2018?

Should you buy a Philips Hue Lightstrip in 2018?
Philips Hue has dominated the smart home lighting scene for as long as anyone can remember. While Lifx can replicate some of the features, there is no denying that Hue lights are still the top of the food chain. In this video I will answer the question, should you buy the Philips light-strip in 2018? The answer may surprise you. I also take you through the Philips Hue app and explain how I set up some of my home automatons. Philips still has the number one smart LED light in the world.

Philips light strip
Here are the clips that I showed in the video:
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35 Replies to “Should you buy a Philips Hue Lightstrip in 2018?”

  1. Travis McP

    Thanks everyone for commenting and viewing the video. BEFORE YOU LEAVE A COMMENT, PLEASE READ THIS:

    1. Tons of people have left comments about how you can fix the sticky problem, so you don't have to leave a comment about this. All of those comments missed the point. You should not have to buy anything in order for this thing to work as it was intended.

    2. This video is fairly old, my style is quite a bit different, check out some of my more recent videos!

    3. I think only 1 person has said anything about the discoloration of the light strips. To me this is very telling. I have seen this in two separate installations and is a real problem.

    3. I LOVE HUE PRODUCTS!. For some reason people seem to think I have a grudge against them or something, that is not true. I have tons of Hue products in my house but this one is not my favorite.

    4. This video is not a review. I think that is something you need to keep in mind. It is an opinion piece and a demonstration of how these work vs another solution. Watch some of my recent videos for actual reviews of products.

    5. Thank you for watching and commenting! I don't mind critical feedback as long as it is constructive, but I'm hoping this post will help stop the constant comments about #1 which don't further any conversation. Enjoy your Youtubing!

  2. Steve Odessa

    My whole house is hue. I recently bought a roll of strip lights from Amazon. Before it is even delivered I know I'm gonna hate it and throw it away and buy more hue strips. The whole beauty of hue is scenes and everything in sync on 1 app. Who wants to use a shitty plastic remote I would see in a dollar store

  3. Kabi Ebl

    Despite peoples complaints about the way he reviewed or whatever… I'd still have to agree… simply because $80 for 6 ft vs $30 for nearly 30ft is a HUGE price difference. And I have had those other cheaper strips in the past and I can tell you, they work the exact same way. Philips hue is definitely waaaay overcharging for their product. Now I have dug around and found that hue's strips are not just built with standard RGB diodes… but also have two white diodes to create warm and cool white more cleanly… but is that literally worth paying $370 MORE than the standard ones for the same length?? absolutely not! And quite frankly there is no reason to pay that much anyways since even the cheap ones often come with apps to control them with your phone and stuff anyways… AND if you were clever enough you can absolutely hack those things to work with with the hue light ecosystem… But is it even worth all that? these are accent lights… not primary lights. Most likely you will just set them on an automation and forget it. Not everything needs to be voice controlled… I mean considering all the options out there, you would have to be a damn fool to buy something this outrageously overpriced…

  4. Hassan Suboh

    Had mine stuck to same tv for 2 years. But wait, there’s more! That same light strip was attached to another TV briefly before that. As well as walls and headboard. After all that it has stayed hooked on the TV. That includes after adjusting it and even removing it completely for a few hours to move to TV and mount it. Have another one stuck to my newest bed and has been attached and never came off.

  5. Thomas Jonson

    i bought the cheap solution for my backlight. It has a small remote with i don't need my smartphone for adjusting it. I think i depends on what someone really need. A friend of mine has many of this HUE Lights. And guess what ..after the "it' new" phase messing nearly every minute with the colors and other features, the color is the same for months. No one care anymore after picking your fav color..and thats it.

  6. Kerry Paluscsak

    Thanks for the honest review and info on the Hue light strips. I've been using Hue lights in my home for a few years now and love them. I was thinking about adding light strips to my Hue automation system. Thankfully you may have saved me a few hundred dollars! Hopefully Phillips will address the issues you noted and the product might be worth a look at in the future. (maybe longer lengths for the price they are charging.)

  7. S&S Channel

    Why do people fuck with these if you can get ws2812b and with a bit of coding you can get it to work like hue for much less.. You can even do things ambilight for tv, pc or so or make it do all of the crazy things sync to music.. I mean these are digital and like 10$ for 1m (60leds per meter) All the things I have in my room are done with either this or standard analog chinese strip 40e for 20m!! And guess what I have 10m on ceiling and to this day (more than a year..) they still didn't pealed off.. Note that.. And all of them could be controlled via remote or even a pc software that I'm currently developing.. Check my channel and you'll see all of the light I have if you're interested and keep in mind that it costed pretty much like single hue strip…

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