Should You Buy a Nintendo 3DS in 2019?

After getting back into handheld gaming thanks to the Switch and the last minute purchase of the flailing PS Vita, I figured I’d make a retrospective look at Nintendo’s little portable that could.

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21 Replies to “Should You Buy a Nintendo 3DS in 2019?”

  1. ZittiTittiZ VEVO

    My favorite port of all time on the 3ds is Ocarina of Time, however the most impressive was Xenoblade Chronicles! I have yet to complete, so far the gameplay and graphics blow me away. It was ported from the Wii which is crazy to me.

  2. Irvin Ong

    Answer is “ yes “
    If your a Pokémon Trainer because it’s a great connection and opens to the Pokémon world .
    You can get the earliest Pokémon Red version from 1996
    And you can get Ultra Sun and Moon 2018

    Get the Poké Bank and transfer and roam around your Pokémon Black/white – Ultra Sun/moon and access any box and transfer any Pokémon .

    You can go to YouTube in the 3ds with walkthroughs , use Facebook and other more media’s through the Browser .

    World Pokémon Championships still uses 3ds even now 2019

    Great console if you get to use it to the full

    If your just gonna but a 3ds just to use YouTube or play old retro or we can say boring expensive games especially a non high graphic console is not that worth it .

  3. Emilio Hernandez

    I'm planning in trying to get my hands on either the Mario Edition smaller 3ds or the 3ds XL so I can take advantage of the Virtual Console, revisit Pokemon Ultra Sun and also tryout Ocarina of Time. Am I wasting my time/money doing so?

  4. Julian Martinez

    The system is great in 2019 not to mention the fact that any model can have cfw which opens up alot, I bought the samus one and the snes one after trying out a friends 2ds last year. Point is my kid loves it and I love it. I understand now how it pretty much carried Nintendo threw almost a decade if only sony gave a crap about vita but that's another story.

  5. Keiny Lai

    20:21 That complaint about the 3D and moving the 3DS too much.
    I assure you, the NEW Nintendo 3DS model 100% fixed that problem. I have both models, the old and the new, and I kept comparing, going back to one and the other, and it's magick. I NEVER lost the 3D effect again. I was genuiely impressed, it's black magick. I could use the motion controls to target the slingshot / bow and arrow on Ocarina of Time, in 3D, and it didn't lose track of my face, the 3D ramined perfect no matter the angle, it's impressive dude. I used to play Mario Kart a lot on the original 3DS, and I had the same issue, but with the new model, never again did I have to hold dead-center still anymore to get the 3D effect. And I play with 3D enable 90% of the time now.

  6. Keiny Lai

    Why the fuck people pretend this is old? You just started the video like a douchebag like you were holding a relic out of the museum, or a original Gameboy or something. Hell, people are still buying Gameboys in 2019. I just had a friend of mine being gifted a portable gaming device that plays retro-ass games like NES, from his girlfriend, and he was out of his mind. If it was a 3DS he would've probably exploded. If you would make me chose between the Switch and the 3DS I would get the 3DS in less than a second.

  7. Bruno

    Just recently purchased the original charger for the 3ds for 12 bucks, from Amazon, but it was also available at Nintendo store. Covers, accessories are also available so I would t say that it is a problem for the platform.

  8. izone lovebot

    honestly when i first bought my 3ds xl i bought animal crossing and i wanted to return it so bad and get mario kart 7 instead. i didn’t understand the hype around it at all but i gave it a chance and at first i was really reluctant but then i started playing every day and began to love it. i think the whole concept is the best for the people who are loneliest and might not have people to talk to, because then you can just talk to your villagers and they appreciate you and talk to you whenever you want to, and that’s something that makes people grow so attached to their villagers. i love the game now when at first i hated it and regretted buying it in the first place. i feel like that game takes more time to grow attached to.

  9. Rick Brownlee

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