Should you Buy a *HIGH MILEAGE ELECTRIC CAR?!* – High Mileage 2017 BMW i3 Range Extender

Hi Guys,
In todays video we talk to the EV king himself, Chris Bown, about high mileage Electric Vehicles. We discuss what to look out for, which ones to buy and whether they are worth the cheaper purchase price!!
Chris is the owner of EV solutions company The Full EV and specialises in creating integrated solutions that enable you to introduce an electric vehicle into your life!
Check out his website here!
Check out his YouTube Channel Here!
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7 Replies to “Should you Buy a *HIGH MILEAGE ELECTRIC CAR?!* – High Mileage 2017 BMW i3 Range Extender”

  1. Mamadou Aziza

    The i3 has been the same car throughout, their are no different generations. Only the battery has gotten bigger.. There is a sports version but its basically the same car with 16 more horsepower and stiffer suspension..

  2. Simon Reeves

    EVs make a great used buy. When you buy a used combustion car there is so much to check… has the oil been changed regularly? Has the cambelt been changed? Has it been used on cheap supermarket fuel? Did previous owners ride the clutch, rev the nuts off it on a cold engine? With an EV, none of this is relevant- check the general condition of bodywork and interior and off you go. The only problem with the REx version is it has a ruddy combustion engine, get a BEV one for real peace of mind. Warranty on traction battery is 8 years, not 6!

  3. Rich Road007

    I'm impressed very nice spec that seen a few i3 reviews but I'm sure about one thing the wife dinosaur in my life and me are diesel till the end I like the idea of ev but charge time to us is a stigma because I can or we can drive 3hrs without stopping then still don't have too fill up for few days on holiday having to adjust is probably up hill battle with need to be able carry on without stopping hopefully know one takes the wrongly range is getting better but to expensive when you only buy as and when possible don't believe in credit

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