Should I Buy A Used Nissan LEAF — Then Replace The Battery?

With early used Nissan LEAFs now down into the $5,000 territory, we’re answering a regular question from readers: does it make sense to buy an early 2011-2012 LEAF cheap — and then replace the battery? The answer depends on what your preferences are and what your requirements are.

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    In Australia they are asking silly prices for used leaf- for example $17990 for a 2013 Leaf with 9 bars, so not very affordable here if you have to pay $5500 or more for a new battery. No wonder people aren't taking these cars up, especially if they are out of warranty. This is all well and good in the US and UK but it seems AU is left behind once again!

  2. Dtube

    Thanks; I find this is really useful for someone who can do the math and go for the best-possible cost effective option.

    I have one question is it possible to use a Tesla long rang battery for Nissan Leaf , is there any structural differences in the process of installation?

    I hope you will upload another video on above regard .

  3. Richard Hill

    U must of course.realize.that there are individual cells for sale to replace faulty ones in ur batt pak making total repl. Unecessary not to mention totally rebuilt pak at less.than half what nissan sells theirs for. As far as.the nissan dealers $100 hr. Plus labor rates to do the swap….also unnecessary for anyone having an iq of at leaf three digits(sorry poor pun). That said ive seen folks with beautiful lowish mileage cars sell them for as little as $1800 after getting sticker shock(yep another one) at nissan when inquireing about repl. And theres a tiddy profit.for.those who buy these cars and.a rebuilt pak for $1500 and put it in. After the first one it takes about an hour to an hour and.a half to swapout. And u can , if the old pak still has some good cells , sometimes pick up a bonus.selling it off. Rich/San Jose

  4. DIY Bmw E60

    you dont need to change battery pack. it is enough to change only cells that are mostly degenerated. at Nissan it costs 2800 dollars. at some privat el mechanics halv price.

  5. 787brx8

    Everyone is welcome to try my battery discovery.

    The information on my page is free and the parts needed, cost less than $10. Many people will already have the parts needed on hand.


    How many miles are the factory battery packs of the 2011 Leaf expected to last? I need a used Leaf to drive about 5-10 miles per day. Will only need to drive it for about 2 years. I found one for 4K USD with 92,000 miles. If i choose not to replace the battery pack, what sort of performance will I get from the car? I’m ok with replacing the battery pack at some point this year if need be.

  7. Random Stuff

    It sounds like the best advise would be to avoid the 2011 first generation leaf and pay a little more for a newer generation leaf that has all the improvements made in battery technology. So a new question needs to be asked. What is the oldest Nissan Leaf you can buy that has significant improvement in battery technology?

  8. Webchez

    At this point in almost 2019, the leaf appears to have become a compliance car that will also be lowered to a dying name.  I had plans to keep mine forever, and keep it for 20 years by replacing the battery for the original price of $5000.  I will ride the wave and keep my car as long as I can.. lets see.

  9. Eric Kosak

    I have been thinking about this issue for a while, and I think it depends on a few variables.

    First, it depends on the extreme summer temperatures at your location; second, it, also, depends on how much you drive in a city and how many road trips you make. Finally, it depends on the used car condition.

    A second thought is don’t take the $1,000 for the used battery. You can convert this to residential electricity storage. A similar sized electricity storage battery will set you back over $20,000.

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