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    This is why YouTube is amazing. Shawn did a working version of this on the Alex Bennett show in early 70's.
    Played it over and over on 8 track cassette. Probably in a landfill right now.
    Years later bought the vinyl album version, but much prefer the acoustic version.
    The vinyl album, alas, also in a landfill….
    Glad, I found this version before I too am in a landfill…

  2. Rico Adventura

    shawn im a psychedelic artist/songwriter living in madrid spain.Im from Texas.I love your music.Im hoping you see this.If there was a fan mail thing id type you a letter .I would like to know what guitar are you using in this video?Im thinking of getting a guild but they are super expensive.check out my song liquor mouth children .I think you will like it.Come to spain!I have loads of contacts here and an extra room.My friend has a house in the country with a studio.

  3. Keith Ranney

    I place this performance 1-2 years either side of 1973. Going to college in Texas I had the pleasure of attending about a dozen of Shawn's concerts between '74 and '77 so I recognize the era. This is one of my favorites too.

  4. Funandconsciousness

    This is one Shawn Phillips song I loved the first time I heard it, and I still find it wonderful. My understanding of the lyrics has deepened over the decades – Shawn has such a gift for multi-layered lyrics.
    When was the Midnight Special recorded?

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