Shark Ion Robot 750 VS Irobot ROOMBA 980 – DETAILED Comparison

Shark Ion Robot 750 on Ebay:
Roomba 980 on Ebay:

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25 Replies to “Shark Ion Robot 750 VS Irobot ROOMBA 980 – DETAILED Comparison”

  1. DK M

    I got the Shark for Christmas and I was surprised at how well it worked. I run it daily and don’t have pets but have dark bamboo floors and dust was very visible and Shark keeps up well with the light daily vacuuming. It does seem to miss some rooms that are further away but I just manually put it in the back bedrooms when needed. For the price difference, Shark is a great deal.

  2. YFR-Tyrannon 4k

    The shark is by far been a great choice for me it lasts 1 hr 30 min minimally on full charge on carpets only, it has yet to EVER make it back to the dock to charge. it prepositions itself if it didn't dock correctly the first time, my only biggest complaint is that it takes closer to 5 hours to charge from dead battery which is far off the 3 hours advertised but then again it does do about 1 hr 30 min to 1 hr 45 min cleaning for me and yes it is so quiet i run mine at night and even being a light sleeper i never hear it or wake from it!

  3. Eric Van Eck

    Were you paid by Shark? You missed the two most important features that make a good vacuum!!!! Not one word about the quality of the motor because Shark usually puts really cheap motors in their vacuums and secondly the suction power of each unit. Poor review!!!

  4. raby760

    Fuck retards on amazon! I didn't watch the whole video yet, but I paused and I'll say this before I begin. Who gives a fuck what these retards think? I will never order again from Amazon after they fucked up orders from multiple packages. Fucking retarded fucks.

  5. Bone Stock Garage

    I’ve owned 2 Roomba’s, an older Cleanmate, and my current robotic vac is a Dyson 360 Eye.
    The Roombas performed very well, but I never could keep one…Constantly being sent back for repairs, was the Roombas downfall. My Dyson 360 came with a 3 year warranty and it’s built as such.

  6. Brock Nichols

    Buy the Roomba….. Trust me! don't debate it, just make the right choice. I have a shark vacuum…. it works great, but when it comes to the robot prototypes… you cant miss with the Roomba…..

  7. Mike Mascow

    The 720 is on sale at Costco for $199! Great Black Friday deal!!! Even though, that is a HIGHLY racist term…when are they going to change the name of this holiday? I am the White Devil and it even bothers me to hear this offensive term still used today. Can we please change it???

  8. ParallelMango

    I didn't charge my Shark for a day and it stopped working. Contacted customer support and they told me it needed to be re-docked. I told them it doesn't work on the water and they put me on hold to be transferred to another representative… Terrible Service… (Sarcasm)

    My bin got full on the Roomba 980 and it didn't empty itself. What good is a robot if it doesn't take out its own trash?! (Sarcasm yet again)

    Finally, I jumped on my Shark 750 and it stopped working. I cleaned it in my bathtub with some vinegar and bleach and now it doesn't work at all. I contacted customer service and they said my stupidity wants covered in the manufactures warranty. I told them they need to change the name of it to short circuit because shark is misleading and implies it is amphibious at the least. (Sarcasm)

    No worries though sold it on eBay as recleaned (instead of refurbished) and sold it for 250 dollars. (Sarcasm)

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