SFANS Makes Your Nintendo Switch Truly Portable – Rip off or Right Price?

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The SFANS miniature Nintendo Switch Dock is a usb type c powered dock that is small enough to fit in your pocket, while allowing for two usb type c ports and two usb 3 ports as well. While there is contreversy over the board, this mini dock is ideal for people who want a nice looking dock that can be thrown in their pocket and moved around easily. Buy one if you want, or if you really need a mobile dock.

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SFANS: Makes Your Nintendo Switch Truly Portable

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35 Replies to “SFANS Makes Your Nintendo Switch Truly Portable – Rip off or Right Price?”

  1. Jason Tolley

    I've been going back and forth on this dock. I really want one! Or at least any simple solution to switch on a screen at a mates place.
    I forked out for the messenger bag to carry everything… and have used it one. Kinda didn't want to be carrying around a MUG ME! sign while walking around.

  2. Jiji Poid

    The Nintendo Switch is already the smallest console i have lol.. the dock takes up almost no room compared to my other consoles.. not to mention lighter, so it is pretty awesome when i travel with it. It all fits nicely in my messenger bag, and still allows room for my sketchbooks and my marker folder, but I can see why someone might want to decrease as much as possible.. even if it is just a few inches of space. so seems like a good idea to me.

  3. Dakota Frenz

    Hey Proto, if you don't mind I'd like to try one out. I need something to dock in a more convenient way than brining the chunk of plastic they give you. Especially since I'm going to college soon, I'd like to get one so it's more portable. It would be nice to easily set it up at a fiends house or hotel. I've been out and about visiting my friends at the college I want to go to, so it would be cool to have the chance to play Mario kart with them before I don't see them for awhile. Thank you in advance, and take care.

  4. HumodBasha

    can someone help me please,

    i went to the web site (IndieGoGo) cause i want to buy the whole package (Indiegogo Special) with cords and the stand. Then i filled all my information (Shipping Address & Credit Card) and before I press the (submit payment) button , i found this line "By clicking 'Submit Payment', you acknowledge you are contributing to a concept and not making a direct purchase."!!!

    I don't understand , i want to actually purchase this offer not to contribute and pay then get nothing .
    can anyone clarify me, because this whole campaign thing is new to me.

  5. Izzmations

    Seems like a handy little dock. Both me and my family are moving soon and if I get a switch during the holidays, I will probably get this for when I travel home or to conventions. I like to travel and this might be a good product for me.

  6. Miner Mole

    I'm about to be a third year college student (I don't know if I have made a comment yet. If I have, then you may delete this one).
    Also, how do I get a chance to get my hands on one of those adapters?

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