Settings You ABSOLUTELY NEED TO CHANGE Before Flying The DJI Mavic Mini [10+ Settings To Know About]

In this video, I take a dive into the DJI Fly App, which is what is used to connect to the Mavic Mini, and show you some of the most important settings you should change within the app. If not changing them, there are at least 10+ that you should know about!

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00:00:00 – Intro
00:01:06 – Unit of Measure Change
00:02:00 – Formatting SD Card
00:02:45 – Updating Firmware
00:04:12 – Updating FlySafe Database
00:04:33 – Gimbal Calibration
00:05:05 – Enabling Payload Mode
00:05:56 – Changing Flight Distance
00:06:58 – Changing Auto RTH Altitude
00:08:05 – Gridlines
00:08:36 – Histogram
00:08:57 – Camera Resolution
00:09:41 – Changing Flight Modes


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Carson Miller is a Certified FAA Part 107 holder. Flight in this video complies with the rules set forth by the FAA for sUAS flights within the United States.

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31 Replies to “Settings You ABSOLUTELY NEED TO CHANGE Before Flying The DJI Mavic Mini [10+ Settings To Know About]”

  1. First Last

    I wonder if "Payload mode" might give it just enough extra power to aid in a flyaway situation?
    Obv it probably drains the battery a lot faster (?)… but in an "emergency" it might offer a quick 1-2min solution?

  2. James Breedlove

    So I just ordered mine a week ago and played with it today I did the calibration the IMU And when I fly mine it shows that my phone has disconnected from the drone but I can still fly with a controller please help

  3. Abraham Weiss

    Quick warning about mode C: It will turn down breaking time so if you are indoors be very careful because your drone will not hard stop when you want to avoid a pet a spouse or a child rather glide into them

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