25 Replies to “Setting up your Sony 4K XBR TV to get the most out of the picture. Android Models.”

  1. Scott Wallace

    While I appreciate the time taken to help Sony owners, there are errors here. The ‘Custom’ setting is a better baseline than ‘Standard’. And ‘Expert 1’ is closer to 6500K than the very, very blue ‘neutral’ setting. And all of the contrast enhancements should be off for the most accurate picture.

  2. Phantom Union

    Been try a while motionflow and clearness also the Neutral, warm, expert 1 together.. Find out the motionflow most function off better, but the clearness set to 1 ( even it will cause image have gamma – 3 feel, but the BFI system it perform was good!!) tempature image 3 of them each got colour have it meaning.

  3. eddiekytia

    Hey ……i just found your channel and dont know ANYTHING about t.v's. The best ive owned was a $300 50 inch emerson from walmart. I just bought the sony 65x930e and think it looks amazing but my kid was watching a cartoon and the black bars were gray and light was bleeding in what i thought was ALOT do you have a email i can send you a 2 minute clip to tell me if its faulty or normal……thanks for any help

  4. Brian F

    My XBR TV is flashing some horizontal lines occasionally. It's almost like the refreshing or buffering. I am not streaming, so it's not the internet. Any idea on what's going on?

  5. Mike Jones

    Just bought a 940d and I was wondering is the best picture setting HDR mode for 4K gaming and 4K blurays? Also is there a way for me to get the video your displaying on a flash drive? Where can I download that media from?


    I have the xbr-49x700D Android tv. It's our first smart tv, so I need a little help in setting the tv…Where do I begin…I've gone to several you tubes, but they were in europe so not good for me, we are in US. I have wifi, so can someone walk me through the set up screens.

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