Setting Up the Logitech Harmony Touch Remote

See how easy it is to set up the Logitech Harmony Touch remote for all of your favorite home entertainment activities. Add your favorite channels, personalize your screen buttons, customize touch gestures, and take command of all your devices through the touch screen interface. The power of touch will change the way you watch TV.

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20 Replies to “Setting Up the Logitech Harmony Touch Remote”

  1. Rex Ratcliff

    My Pn number on bottom of charger is 815000106 that tells my it is a one touch. It has the screen. In the middle. The screen flashes Harmony. That's all. When I take it out of charge base its dead. Is there a battery to replace and how do you open to it. Looks like a button on back between the two charging pads. But can't open anything trying it. Help.

  2. Jannet Hudson

    Why is it that I can't download the same icons to my favourite channels? It would be SO Awesome if in future updates for this remote have a Pager function. just like most cordless phones have! So that if you lose the remote, you press the Pager on the base station, and the remote plays a little tune that you can also customise or even download other little tunes!

  3. norman laundry

    how the devil is a person supposed to learn how to set up a touch harmony when no words just music is on the video.Really this is unbelievable and the person who put this video together coupled with the the person in charge releasing this garbage should seek help now.I mean now you poor buggers.    

  4. Angela Reitan

    Can I customize "Play a Game" so that I can select which system I'd like to play? I have an Xbox, a 360, a PS2 and a Wii. Can I have them all hooked up and choose which one I play, or will it automatically take me to one predetermined system? Is there a way to customize it for xFinity customers? Can I go straight to my DVR or On Demand with customizable gestures/buttons?

  5. CaptainSquirrel195

    They are used for interactive features on tv channels. Such as if I was watching bbc news, The news reporter might say press red now to find out more about this new story, you then press the red button and it will take you to that news story. It can also be used for a lot of other features, such as games and so on… The most common one was for Teletext or FastText depending how you say it. Those buttons were to help you navigate pages. Hope this helps!

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