Setting up Ecobee Remote Sensor with Apple #Homekit

Setting up an Ecobee Remote Sensor to work with Apple Homekit. For more information on making your home a little smarter, please check out my Udemy class at

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  1. Alex Pasek

    5:05 Ecobee creates 3 accessories: Thermostat, Motion Sensor & Occupancy Sensor. The motion part should react to motion and should be cleared when motion is not detected. In reality, its stuck on triggered state for 5min or so (without any motion). Occupancy is something that I have a bigger problem with. First of all .. it would be helpful to use more descriptive icon or at least descriptive text. Second of all … it is stuck in a triggered state for about 1~2 hours after I leave my house! This is misleading and terrible when it comes to UX. Normally I would expect to clear ocupancy state as soon as thermostat will switch to away, but it doesnt happen. I might try ecobee geofencing even that I already have geofencing via HomeKit. Maybe that will help.

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