26 Replies to “Setting up a Sony XBR 4K TV for 3rd party control systems”

  1. Darryl Moore

    FINALLY – After a few days of searching, I found your video. I took 10 minutes and followed you step by step. I can now fully control the TV on and off functions using my google Home set up. They layout on my TV was slightly different (2018 XBR-60x830F. You show Day Dream, my TV showed Screen Saver. It opened the same drop down Menu. Thanks for posting.

  2. Ashton Rojas

    I have to say thank you so much for this video I could not get my echo to work with my Sony tv using the beta connect Alexa to your Bravia app until I adjusted these settings thank you so much.

  3. jay S.

    Hi I hve a x800 e I did a setting wen I setup tv , that turn on my tv wen turn on Frm YouTube wen u pair the tv Frm the phone . So the problem is anyone who is pairing the tv Frm living room tv and They turn on tv on first floor . So how can turn this feature off .

  4. Steve Hoge

    Does setting "Simple IP Control" to OFF mean that there is NO IP Control?  Or is there a "Non-Simple IP Control" (i.e., some advanced IP control mode) that gets turned on when Simple is OFF?

  5. jay S.

    Hi I hve a x800 e Sony and I accidentally turn on a setting , and wen my tv is off my phone is showing in YouTube to chromcast option to pair the device to tv and me or someone in my home pair it my tv automatically turns on , how can I turn that feature off .

  6. fire1962

    Is there a way to sync the rmf-tx200u to the XBR-65x850c? My remote works except for the voice function. The tv setup only shows the touchpad remote, not voice control setup for the tx200u. Thanks…

  7. Vic da G

    Can I easily cast to this tv from from my phone or other Google Casting app?
    Do I have to be on a "Cast input" first?
    Or can it override whichever input I'm on and simply start casting?
    I want to know because I'd like to get this for my mom who isnt savy enough to switch back and forth between inputs. I'd like to remote into her phone and start playing a movie for her then cast it.

  8. Jamie Wadkins

    I have XBR65X850D and XBR43X800D in the same room in my basement mounted on adjacent walls. I use the RVU DirecTV feature on these to connect to my main genie. My problem is when I change the channel on 1 TV it changes it on both. I know these TVs don't have the ability for me to use the RF with my DirecTV remotes. I was looking at IP based remotes for Android TVs but they all require a USB dongle. I would like to have 1 universal remote that I can use to pick which TV I want to control without interfering with the other TV. I realize I could get 2 4K Mini Genies and use those but I like cleanness of the RVU client and not mounting boxes behind my screens. Is there a great RS232C or IP Remote you could recommend? I would even be up for buying 2 separate remotes long as they don't control the wrong TV.

  9. Trey Beantown

    I have the 850d , is it safe to use the DCI color space with my Apple tv4? that space seems to make the tv look it's best but I'm not sure if it's a color space that should only be used with 4K content

  10. DL Butler

    Nice video. Just got a new 49X830C, there were so many buttons. But I'm beginning to see why I gravitated to it. Great TV. But, my TV stopped working on Thanksgiving day, called tech support that Friday but as 1 wk., it still has not been serviced. What freaks me out the most is it just cut off. No nothing. I've tried to reactivated it with the remote using commands from Sony tech support, but nothing. I don't know, understand, like that it just stopped working. Would you have any ideas…. I do have peripherals connect to it and got a new PS4 Pro the day b4 the holiday. YOu have any ideas on what may have caused it to go out? If you need more info, let me know

    ITS FIXED NOW. It just started to work again. The day the tech came I tried turning it on…. boom! It powered up.

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