Select Ring App Alert Tones for Each Device

App alert tones let you choose distinct alert sounds for each of your Ring devices, including spoken phrases. Now you can know what’s happening and where, without even looking at your mobile device.

Access your app alert tones by tapping on your device, then on “App Alert Tones”.

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27 Replies to “Select Ring App Alert Tones for Each Device”

  1. agentbellic

    This video doesn't mention stopping the app on my ANDROID phone from making an annoying alert TONE each time I tap the mode icon to change from DISARMED, HOME, and AWAY modes for the Stick Up cameras. If you know what I mean and know where the setting is, please advise.

  2. Terra

    @Ring Many of us would LOVE to be able to customize the Ring doorbell ring-tone that is heard by visitors when the ring the doorbell or knock at our door. Customization & personalization helps customers feel devoted & attached to a product or service. Plus, it would make the Ring products more versatile & fun! 🙂

  3. Todd Marx

    Even different now… Yeah, it's buried in the menu … On your iPhone > Ring > Device menu (…) > Settings > Device Settings > Alert Settings > App Alert Tones > Select the sound you want for that particular device Alert tone.

  4. Aiden Damien

    No sound notification on my Motorola z3. Everything is set up to make a sound, but none is being produced. Only a pop notification. Any help would be great. Thanks in advance.

  5. Scott Dionne

    Why cant I use a voice alert that is listed? By voice alert I mean instead of a ring it would say “someone is at your front door”. The video doesn’t address it but it does state voice for flood light motion. I was told by tech that it is not supported by Ring. But its in the app!!! Whenever I set it it would revert back to the default

  6. J.R. Williams

    Does this work for individual alarm sensors? And if it does, will it also play them through the alarm speaker instead of the default chime? If not, is this a feature you guys will be adding sometime in the future? I’m really interested in this alarm, but I would like to be able to hear which door or window is being open.

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