In this video, I show you how to add all your apps to a flash drive using your Android TV Box & ES File Explorer.

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Nvidia Shield TV Set Up


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  1. Martin Miller

    i realize this is months old videos but i need help or just an answer ..i have followed step by step ….i bought a new x96 max i went to delete all that was loaded on it so i could follow your vids that even possible? because i did the whole press the button in the av hole get the menu and did the whole process …it just keeps rebooting the whole launcher on it with google kodi netflix emulator …its got lean back launcher and i cant even seem to get that to do a thing i feel like i have been learning nothing on my cloudnet cr18 box because its totally different and im lost now ..oh yeah im one of those guys beginner…all i wanted to see was a completely cleaned box so i can put my app arrangements on it and also put my tvlauncher 2 build on it ….sorry for the long message of bs but new people seem to get the least help and i do want to be a reseller
    thanks D

  2. Ron Palmera

    I have a couple android boxes and i have copied my APKs to a flash drive using this tutorials ( Thank you). What i would like to do is copy those apks to the other boxes. one is a Nvidia shield and the other is Mecool. I couldn't find another tutorial on how do do that and was wondering if you or someone else could direct me to a video. I copies fiels al the time on my computers but havent on the android boxes. Thanks in advance.

  3. The Scoskopp

    Let me ask this ,can you run the Apks off the flask drive as it’s badica extended storage , is like to run my app off the flash drive wish in turn will make the firestick faster with ram usage and actual memory as well as keep in cooler , I’m using a usb hub and your method worked great . However if you would know if that a possibility lmk I’m gonna try it with Just one app and see if it will work . Again I want to work as expanded storage not just back up again your video you can delete everything off the stick . Thanks again !

  4. Dave P

    Don't know what I did but my thumb drive needed formatting which I did but ended up with all my devices on it?‍♂️?‍♂️?‍♂️ I have migrated it all back to internal storage I have the pro just wanted to save my apps just in case. What did I do and how can I save them tried again and says drive not recognised?‍♂️

  5. Brandon Guindon

    Can I access the apps from my USB after I've copied them? Otherwise it's kind of useless if you're trying to save internal space but still can't access the apps. I wanna be able to open Kodi from the USB of that's possible

  6. clint james

    finally got a answer. Keep teaching and preaching but always teach fundamentals before you teach short cuts. You allow us to understand the process and that's when u really get it. THANKS A MILLION!!! i still use the —– .kodi.

  7. MsBeyonce06

    This is Awesome sauce ; ) Absolutley fantastic Dilly.
    Now quick question: Can I back up my shield like this & if so can I use the backup to install on my other android boxes? Just wondering since the shield is a little diffrent.

    Also once you put the usb into the next device do you just copy it. If you gave a video can you link it to this one as a part 2 so I can watch it. Thanks Dilly ; )

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