Sandy Munro’s Tesla Deep Dive – Autoline After Hours 447

SPECIAL GUEST: Sandy Munro, Munro & Associates

TOPIC: Tesla Deep Dive

– David Welch, Bloomberg
– Gary Vasilash, Automotive Design & Production
– John McElroy,


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  1. James Brown

    Up to minute fifty i think you have forgotten to mention, that it hasnt been Elon Musks energy alone, nor his energy plus the energy of his employees, but the great extent the energies of all the potential new suppliers to the automotive Industrie who provided a lot of extra punch to bring forward change. Panasonic for instance, of course they had all reason of the world to provide Tesla with the best battery design possible. Enzo Ursula taverna new contributes to mass vehicle production. Aufguss you want to be in the place of the gearbox of the gasoline tank, and you like to be invited. And yes all this could have been taken into account and could have been put into numbers by the existing north American car manufacturers like GM and Fort in advance. 'if a would replace the existing gasoline tank and gearbox and replace it by a battery pack (together with more massive cost saving on the totale vehicle) and I will produce in a global market one billion+ pieces of battery pack per year in 7 years for 50 years+ how much will the new/emerging battery pack industrie be able to contribute to promote the change?' maybe a lot.

  2. James Shanks


    If possible find a watch maker repair shop and bring your watch the Tesla magnets screwed up, hand it to him and he'll set it in an electrical set of wires then presses a button momentarily. He will then hand it back to you demagnetized working perfectly before you got too close to a strong magnetic field. As a locomotive engineer I worked on GE E60P passenger locomotives with three different power feeds. I quickly discovered there was a strong magnetic field when providing power to move the engine when my lever set railroad 23 jewel pocket watch stopped working. Stopped by a watchmakers shop in New Haven, Ct and 5 seconds later he hands it back working fine.

    Hope your watch is straightened out.


  3. Michael Ford

    ok so what i am getting from what you wonderful people are saying is you are using assumptions about things…the way i see this show now is as a shill for those with money…get your antiquated ideas out of the spotlight and back where they belong…which is in you own minds because you will never know what the future of the world is.

  4. No thankyou

    Lol I love how Bloombang's douche bags all have the same mannerisms and dress sense, Lets you spot them a mile away so they're easy to avoid. Disappointed to see one here on AN though:/

  5. Joshua Pritt

    Tesla Supercharger Network is the number one thing that makes me want a Tesla over other EVs. I'm still waiting for the base model 3 since that's my price range. $40k is about my max. I spent $38k on a 2018 Leaf but only because we have a 2017 Chevy Volt to use for road trips. Tesla is the only all electric you can easily take on road trips because of the supercharger network that Tesla built (and is still building – about a dozen locations are built new every single week today!)

  6. Jonathan McDonnell

    Anybody who does not listen to Sandy Munro is a fool…he has forgotten more than a lot of us will ever know…He is right; Elon is going to clobber a lot of people…I would be surprised if the big 3 manage to survive. Do the big 3 have a rocket company who can make their highly sophisticated electronic components, which absolutely nobody has? Where are they going to get their batteries from? When and how will they pay for their charging network. I think a lot of car companies are on a slippery slide…not sure they know it yet…maybe the Germans will survive, but Tesla are primed to do some serious damage.

  7. Max Mustermann

    Oh boy … this Bloomberg Guy doesn't get it at all. People are not upset of him because he is pro-shortseller – but because he is talking nonsense anytime he opens his mouth.
    You can see that even Sandy Munro gets upset by this guy because he obviously didn't know anything about the market and what's important to be successfull within the next years.

  8. amadeusb4

    I'm not sure if Welch was asking in earnest or just for the sake of discussion but OEMs can't offer existing customers new over the air features for their vehicles without the car dealerships getting their cut. GM is the only one rolling out OTA updates because ONStar has them slowly navigating this quagmire of dealer relationships. Nobody will follow. It's a legal barrier for OEM's with a dealership base.

  9. gcklo

    Sandy Munro’s intelligence level is a 10 and this Bloomberg David dude’s intelligence is a 1. How did this David dude get a job at Bloomberg. His hiring manager must have been drunk to hire him.

  10. Dan

    What's Sandy talking about that Tesla doesn't have suppliers? Elon himself showed a chart with all the suppliers for the Model 3, that slowed down their production because they had to wait for the parts to arrive, and there were a ton. Maybe I'm not understanding something.

  11. Szilárd Zsolt Horváth

    GM and the german automakers can come out with their shiny competitor cars they still would remain a ICE manufacturer at heart. Just cause its trendy making EVs is not enough to get into it. For many EV buyers the most appealing thing about Tesla is their goal. You can relate to it and they are fighting tooth and nail to achieve that goal. Thats what counts at the end of the day.

  12. Jack Super Fly

    Reducing the collision chances of damaging the battery whether the battery is in the frame or not is a good investment. This is quality design meant to target the ICE market and advancing it to an EV market. Longevity!

  13. Ranuka Jinadasa

    How is David Welch a reporter covering Tesla… It seems like he has no clue what the company does… I was hoping that they do more digging for information around the companies than an average person… you know… as it's his job…

  14. tneper

    There's a lot of discussion of the battery being a stressed member and providing additional stiffness, but what about the PROTECTION of the battery from PUNCTURE that the steel under it provides? I believe that's the reasoning for the steel floorplan, it's a FIRE prevention piece, not a body stiffness piece.

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