5 Replies to “Samy launch Cheapest Android Smart TV 4999₹ only #Krishna#Tech#Telugu”

  1. MegaBoy011

    Buy shinco/MI/TCL/skyworth/daiwa etc.. shinco HD ready TV is available at 8400 and smart 9500 on amazon. You may get 1000 rs discount during festival or use of some credit card. It has better picture and colors. SAMY is one more modi fraud gang memeber. like 1 cr in 1 min loan scheme. This company has got licence from govt to loot stupid ppl of this country. The actual
    cost of samy tv is Rs 8020 and not 4999. It s chinese TV, which can be easily bought at rs6500 to 7000 in chandani chawk mkt, delhi. samy also requires ur adhaar for buying tv, amazing!! This company is asking Adhaaar, they should be in jail but they hav got blessing of biggest fraud at top, mitron !! This country is full of stupids, who don t want school and hospital but ram-mandir and tall statues. deserves to be looted. I am sure ppl will happily give out their adhaar and buy this piece of shit.

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