Samsung's New Gear 360 camera: Top 5 pros and cons for shooting 360! | Pocketnow

Samsung’s New Gear 360 is a cute little camera with some nicely improved capabilities. We’re waiting for release software before reviewing it, but shooting on this action camera for a week, we’re ready to share some thoughts on the state of 360 photos and video.
Night shot
#PNWeekly Podcast in 360

360Vlog with Jaime using the Insta360 in Barcelona

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Juan’s Photo Book


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Samsung’s New Gear 360 camera: Top 5 pros and cons for shooting 360! | Pocketnow


45 Replies to “Samsung's New Gear 360 camera: Top 5 pros and cons for shooting 360! | Pocketnow”

  1. TralfazConstruction

    Have been using mine since September 13, 2017 and the results have been generally excellent. We take so much for granted in this age but I still marvel at seeing my 360° videos with decent sound of those events I want to commemorate.

  2. dtiydr

    4:16 No one will be stupid enough to use any iphone shit anyway so I would have done the same for sure. And if apple want something similar then they should make one them self then.

  3. donavon gates

    Although it is not necessary, can you use multiple cameras at once? Switch to different locations…or have multiple cameras set up for the ultimate surround view experience….if that makes sense?

  4. John Smith

    I had a party and Karaoke really was our main event nothing like hosting a birthday party for my Filipino in-laws the food was A LOT
    They cooked food for a year OMG… but it was just for us on this one event…there were 40 people here.
    Some well….but others really had that Canadian Idol voice.
    So as I whipped out this Samsung's New Gear 360 camera mounted on one of my tripods they all looked at in total awe asking What is DAT, love their accent
    So I recorded a few hours of everyone singing, and they all wanted a copy the next day ayeeee..Folks if you own this camera learn from this….YOU MUST PRESS THE SAVE BUTTON… Yup hours of fun LOST forever. I am going to look the fool now… Damit

  5. IAWFilmWorks

    We've decided to shoot two shorts. One horror and the other a documentary for Reno NV. We are using it on a elevated monopod on a SteadiCam. If I'm lucky a music video. I'll let you know how it turns out.

  6. thefront

    I'm thinking of buying one to record a popular concert like Elton John's farewell tour. How long will the battery last? He does about a 2.5 to 3 hour show!

  7. Pasosyal 101

    All the cons you mentioned actually never bothered me at all. I love the Gear 360 and everything about it. A whole new experience for viewers. Great points you made in this video. Good job! 🙂

  8. George Norkus

    As a novel thing to do with your Samsung 360: If it could be protected or used not in harms way, how about using it in a sports event? Football, basketball, etc. come to mind.

  9. Albert Siciliano

    I'd like any advice for using one of these cameras in my race car during a race or other track event. I am new to the 360 technology, but think it solves a lot of problems when capturing race car footage. Now I do not have to pick a camera position, because I can capture everything. Appreciate any feedback.

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